Find and Export Product Details to Business Templates By A Click


 Dealing with bulk product details is the key to success in online business. 

  1. Convert your product data from your CRM and ERP to your professional templates of Configure, RFQ (Request For Quote), Stock List, and so on.
  2. Turn your inventory data into the web application inventory file template of Amazon, Ebay, Magento, WooCommerce, Squarespace, Shopify, PinnacleCart, BigCommerce, Wix, 3dcart, Xcart, Ecwid, Volusion, Opencart, SnipCart, and so on. 

All these job are time-consuming tasks as you need to find IT product details like list price, product description, product specification, SKU, product line, and service type etc. Further more, you might have to do it one by one. You should Automate it now from Expricing.

Assume the popular professional template in Expricing is:

Your requested business template might be like this.

By moving columns or adding new columns in the popular templates, you can get your own business template in couple minutes.

After saving your familiar templates, you and your team can now start to search standardized or official product details. Expricing has about two millions IT product details available for searching. Most importantly, you can do bulk search by a click to get all product details.

Initially, product details are shown by manufacture official format or Expricing’s professional product information format. For example,

Another click to add the product from search result to Expricing Editor, all selected product details are pulled into a popular industry editing format. user can adjust discount to change list price to target price, or change inventory information by business purpose from default value to target value including the value of quantity, condition, service status and so on.

However, you might expect to change to your own format, or you might want to switch to your customer format for customer’s satisfaction. The third click on Format Switch button can help you turn the default editing format into your desired format which you create in the beginning of this article.

Now, you business file with product details by your own business template is ready to be exported to CSV, Excel, and Google Sheet. You might can get this done in one or two minutes for hundreds of product. 

Try it, it is free.


Amazon Sellers: Bulk Search IT Product Details


Amazon Inventory File Template is very important for Amazon sellers to manage product information. In this template, the product details including Product ID, Product ID Type, Title, Manufacture, Product Description and so on is time-consuming part, especially if there is hundreds of products.

Getting IT product details from manufacture is the best way to describe the product at Amazon or other online platform. However, different manufacture manage product information by different ways. For small medium business, Expricing should be the most convenient channel to get IT product details. Expricing powers IT business by more than 2 millions product name. With support from Expricing, you can sell more than what you think.

Further more, Expricing power IT business with a excellent pricing tools, business file template convector. Amazon Inventory File Template is one of the system template. It means you might be able to find one hundreds IT product details and fetch to your Amazon Inventory File Templates in couple minutes. Further more, if you can also customize the template format to fit your professional requirements in and save the format for using by your next task. And, it is free, free, free.



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