Business Data Platform


Data Reproduction and Socialization

  1. Search stardardize product information. 
  2. Generate business files quickly by customizable format.
  3. Find products from your own used files or from the shared files from industry professionals.
  4. Generate sales leads by managing inventory information to produce the Match Hits, the Product Link, the Product Lead, and the RFQs.
  5. Repower Used Data. Expricing.com calculates your editing experience to generate the Data Credit to show the members of professional groups.
  6. Socialize business data. Join or create industry groups, exchange product information and business opportunities.

IT B2B Exchange Marketplace

  1. Professional business groups
  2. Configure, Price, and Quote
  3. Real time B2B inventory sharing
  4. Business credit and data credit control
  5. Online marketing including one-click email marketing.

The price info is for informational purpose only, users confirm list price with the listed manufactures. . Registration opens to IT business, Please Contact us