Advanced Editing

Features of Advanced Editing


Format (Template) features

1. DIY formats: You can create your own format (template) and apply it always by a click.

2. Adjusable columns: you can drag and drop the columns, and you can hide and show the columns ... hundreds of ways to adjust table columns to create different files, or DIY your format.

3. Adjustable rows: drag and drop the rows to the desired location.

4. Manage your formats: Save, Save as, Default, Switch

Data Processing

5. Manage your documents: Save, Save as, Reopen, Forders

6. Data Validation: find data errors, auto correct data errors; find price errors, auto correct data errors; 

7. Currency tools: one click to swtich the default currency to your desired currency

8. Share files: share your files to your selected members, groups, and industry professionals.

Business Opportunities

9. Inventory List: upload you stock list to generate more sales leads by the features of RFQ, Match Hits, Link and Lead.

10. Post your files to industry community for data social.

11. Create your business groups: customer group, vendor groups, partner groups, and internal company group

12. Joint Pro Group to share business information.


* Invitation Code: in order to create a B2B IT community with trusted pricing data and analytics, please contact us for the Invitation Code of registration.

* Manufacture Info: the price info is for informational purpose only, users are solely responsible for the confirmation with the manufactures