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Manufacture PartNumber Description MarketPrice Actions
Microfocus CMZMF-6000-DA ZMF 6000 MIPS DA 89.50
Microfocus CMZMF-450-DB2-MNT ZMF 450 MIPS DB2 52.75
Microfocus CMZMF-17000-INFO-MNT ZMF 17000 MIPS INFO 7.69
Microfocus M8Q60AAE HPES ASLgr5GBdNPHAB2ADP500GBdHAUpSWE-LTU 1499.75
Microfocus M7Y68AAE HPE SM Larg Att 1-100/50 UsPk E-LTU 857.00
Microfocus M8A93AAE-SEWPVAR1 SecureData for FPE or SST Based Masking from 3 to 5 TB Datastores Software E-LTU 12281.00
Microfocus CMZMF-18000-DB2 ZMF 18000 MIPS DB2 43.21
Microfocus 877-007960-I NetIQ Identity Manager Integration Module for SAP Enterprise 1-User 1-Year Initial Standard Care 1.12
Microfocus CMZMF-4500-OFM-MNT ZMF 4500 MIPS OFM 17.64
Microfocus 877-008026-I ZENworks Suite Extension for NOWS 1-User/Device 1-Year Initial Business Support Subscription 24.99
Microfocus MF-ENTERPRISE-10758 Studio Enterprise Edition Test Server - License Extension; Update & Extension; UPDATE & CORE EXTENSION - Product Version and Release - Server Enterprise Edition 6.0.00 SP1 - IMS DB - Yes - Total number of Cores per CPU - 1 - - - Server License (CPU) - N 13860.00
Microfocus 641-MNT-P-US AppManager for HP-UX 40+ CPU Server Renewal Business Support 2898.54
Microfocus M4E25AAE HPE Sec ARST ESM 250 EPS NP SW E-LTU 63846.50
Microfocus RLM-SRM-UPG-SBM-LIC Serena Release Manager User Upgrade from Existing SBM Named or Seats(SRN31308) 771.50
Microfocus H8G58A2 HPE FoD 500-999AssesUnits PerYR 2YR SaaS 1462.10
Microfocus CMZDD-4000-MNT CMZDD 4000 MIPS 18.51
Microfocus TF325AAE-SEWPVAR1 Security Fortify Static Code Analyzer Flexible Deployment Plan per Named Contributing Developer Upgrade to add Python language scanning Software E-LTU 400.00
Microfocus 6307-MNT-E-US-I AppManager for Basic Infrastructure Monitoring Initial Standard Care 80.58
Microfocus 877-002984-I NetIQ Identity Manager Integration Module for Mainframe for 900 Series MVS Government-to-Citizen/Business-to-Consumer 1-User 1-Year Initial Standard Care 0.25
Microfocus STRFDM-9000-STB-MNT STRSTB 9000 STB 4.61
Microfocus CMZMF-85000-ERO-MNT ZMF 85000 MIPS ERO 1.77
Microfocus 101-MNT-P-US AppManager for MS Win NT Wrkstn/Win 2000 Professional Renewal Business Support 8.75
Microfocus 877-001824 NetIQ eDirectory 1-User 1-Year Standard Maintenance 0.10
Microfocus 5069-MNT-E-US AppManager for IBM WebSphere Application Server UNIX 3-8 CPU Server Renewal Standard Care 680.91
Microfocus 5759-MNT-P-US NetIQ Security Manager Console Renewal Business Support 443.53
Microfocus CMZMF-350-DB2 ZMF 350 MIPS DB2 248.43
Microfocus H9L88AAE HPE Visual Analytics for 1 Concurrent Ingest Channel Software E-LTU 16120.00
Microfocus 874-006691 SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, System z Business Class, 1 IFL @ volume 6-11 IFLs, Priority Subscription, 1 Year 8370.31
Microfocus CPX-70000-MIPS-VSE-VM-CMS-MNT CPX 70000 MIPS VSE/VM/CMS 5.85
Microfocus CNCTREM10-MFRR Renewal Maint for Dimensions CM Connect For Remedy (7) (SRN31183) 2465.47
Microfocus HM455A1#500 HPE S AS RepSM Plus 250ESM EPS 1YrSubSVC 12855.00
Microfocus CMZMF-55000-DB2 ZMF 55000 MIPS DB2 18.51
Microfocus 639-MNT-P-US-I AppManager for HP-UX 17-27 CPU Server Initial Business Support 1374.31
Microfocus Q0W55AAE HPE SDPInT3AcP/TD100M-500MTx/Yr/DC E-LTU 401718.75
Microfocus H8Z45GAE HPE IDOL Premium Search Eduction 5 million Documents Add On 3 Year Term Software E-LTU 21088.99
Microfocus TD780AAE HPE Operations Operating System Instance Advanced 100 Pack Non Production Development Software E-LTU 13758.42
Microfocus MVS-SITE-G-300 Comparex MVS Site Group 300 1569525.02
Microfocus 873-011155 Exchange Administrator Education LIC (per FTES) 9.37
Microfocus M6H99AAE HPE ESKM 1-49 Per Client Class I E-LTU 42.85
Microfocus 877-001876-I NetIQ Sentinel Collector Type I Device 1-Year Initial Standard Care 51.82
Microfocus 874-007395 SUSE Linux Enterprise Real Time, x86-64, 1-2 Sockets or 1-2 Virtual Machines, Standard SUB, 1 Year 936.40
Microfocus MVS-SITE-G-390-MNT Comparex MVS Site Group 390 439650.98
Microfocus CMZMF-500-INFO ZMF 500 MIPS INFO 173.60
Microfocus 874-007259 SUSE Manager Monitoring, POWER, 1-2 Sockets with Unlimited Virtual Machines, Priority SUB, 3 Year 324.84
Microfocus M8A34AAE HPE SD Tok z/OS Mainfr 316-445 MSU E-LTU 1436.30
Microfocus CMZMF-2000-INFO-MNT ZMF 2000 MIPS INFO 25.15
Microfocus 877-007589 NetIQ Identity Manager Integration Module for Banner Government-to-Citizen/Business-to-Consumer 1-User 1-Year Priority Maintenance 0.21
Microfocus HM455A1#513 HPE S AS RepSM Plus 5KESMAppEPS1YrSubSVC 77130.00
Microfocus SBM-OCC-SEAT-MNT Serena Software Serena Business Manager (SBM) 11.x [Serena Business Manager - Occasional Seat (3,6,8) MNT (SRN30814): First Year Maintenance] 60.16
Microfocus H8Z46GAE HPE IDOL Premium Search Clustering Add On 3 Year Term Software E-LTU 5858.01
Microfocus H7Q23AAE HPE Content Manager Document Management Edition 2 Named Users Software E-LTU 2253.58
Microfocus M8D68AAE SecureData Encryption Use License for Open Systems for above 201 Named Applications 1 Year Term Software E-LTU 6437.00
Microfocus 874-005743 SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, System z Enterprise Class, 1 IFL @ volume 54+ IFLs, Standard Subscription, 3 Year 13929.70
Microfocus 877-007065 NetIQ Operations Center Integration Module for EMC ADM 1-Year Standard Maintenance 688.68
Microfocus STRDA-100-DACICS-MNT STRDA 100 MIPS DA CICS $/MIPS 123.71
Microfocus 877-008141 PlateSpin Forge 500 Series with 5 Workloads 1-Year Standard Software Maintenance 4000.88
Microfocus 877-007447 NetIQ Access Manager 10-Instance 1-Year Priority Maintenance (external use only) 112443.32
Microfocus 873-010432 NetIQ Identity Manager Integration Module for Midrange Government-to-Citizen/Business-to-Consumer 1-User LIC 1.25
Microfocus 6468-1V000-I-US Directory & Resource Administrator (DRA) - Advanced Edition - 100 User LIC Pack 1424.28
Microfocus TH071AAE HPE Sec ARST Console EA User SW E-LTU 8570.00
Microfocus M4G36AAE-SEWPVAR1 Security ArcSight ESM 50 GB/day to 1000 Events per Second Non Production Upgrade Software E-LTU 100.00
Microfocus CPX-3000-MVS CPX 3000 MIPS MVS 371.87
Microfocus 5726-MNT-E-US NetIQ Security Manager - Log Manager for Firewalls Renewal Standard Care 37.48
Microfocus CMZMF-35000-OFM ZMF 35000 MIPS OFM 19.28
Microfocus 877-008356-I ZENworks Suite Education Initial Business Support (per FTES) 109.32
Microfocus 873-011086 Identity Administration Oracle Enterprise LIC Add-on (per managed identity) 6.25
Microfocus P0K12CA Security ArcSight Express AE7465/AE7466/AE7566 5000 sustained EPS High Availability to ESM Express-7600 5000 sustained EPS High Availability Upgrade 32566.00
Microfocus 877-007890 NetIQ Change Guardian for Windows Workstation 1-Instance 1-Year Standard Maintenance 5.12
Microfocus 6637-MNT-E-US-I Virtual Bundle add on - Red Hat, SUSE Linux/Red Hat Linux 1-2 CPU Initial Standard Care 34.36
Microfocus RTM-CCU-MFRR-SEWPVAR3 Renewal Maint for RM Concurrent with No database program (SRN31190) (MSRP $1,783.45*Discount of 53%) 844.30
Microfocus 877-005964-I PlateSpin Forge 5-Workload Add-on 1-Year Initial Standard Care 1449.58
Microfocus 5240-MNT-P-US NetIQ Secure Configuration Manager for Linux on Intel Platform Renewal Business Support 133.06
Microfocus M8B18BAE-SEWPVAR1 SecureData for Enterprise Data Warehouse (non Hadoop) Encryption and Tokenization from 11 to 20 Nodes Software E-LTU 37041.00
Microfocus H7Q32AAE HPE Content Manager Base Casual Contributor Named User Software E-LTU 201.50
Microfocus PRO-CONC PVCS Professional Concurrent (Builder Standard Edition) (SRN12024) 4817.35
Microfocus 676-MNT-P-US-I AppManager for Veritas NetBackup Unix 40+ CPU Svr Initial Business Support 2898.54
Microfocus 678-MNT-E-US AppManager for Apache Web Svr Unix 3-8 CPU Svr Renewal Standard Care 343.58
Microfocus 6302-MNT-P-US NetIQ Aegis Adapter for AppManager Renewal Business Support 0.17
Microfocus Q0W36CAE SecureData Tokenization Use License for SecureData Mobile for 1M-5M Trans per Year per Pack of 1M Trans 3 Year Term Software E-LTU 51848.50
Microfocus CPX-1200-VSEVMCMS CPX 1200 MIPS VSE/VM/CMS 210.62
Microfocus STRBAT-1 YR MFR-MSU-10 Starbat Option to StarTool FDM - Annual Maintenance 294.33
Microfocus TH336AAE HPE Sec ARST 1 - 24999 M Device SW E-LTU 192.83
Microfocus M8B91AAE HPE SD Enter Infra DR Suite 1 SW E-LTU 32137.50
Microfocus STRDA-11000-DABATCH-DB2-MNT STRDA 11000 MIPS DA Batch DB2 $/MIPS 13.85
Microfocus DIM-CM-NMD-VM-TT-NMD-LIC Upgrade to Dimensions CM Named from VM or TeamTrack Named LIC (SRN30786) 1069.30
Microfocus M8L16BAE SecureData for Enterprise Data Warehouse (non Hadoop) Encryption and Tokenization from 101 to 200 Nodes 1 Year Term Software E-LTU 18552.43
Microfocus CMZMF-50-ERO ZMF 50 MIPS ERO 379.59
Microfocus 874-005751 SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, System z Enterprise Class, 1 IFL @ volume 12-25 IFLs, Priority Subscription, 1 Year 8432.78
Microfocus M4J53AAE HPE SecASUBAPremS 1KActor 1Y HA SW E-LTU 57590.25
Microfocus CMZMF-100000-OFM ZMF 100000 MIPS OFM 6.94
Microfocus M8B17AAE-SEWPVAR1 SecureData for Teradata Encryption License Teradata Enterprise Data Warehouse from 6 to 10 Nodes Software E-LTU 40937.00
Microfocus M8L12AAE HPE SD Teradata EncEDW 6-10 N 1Y E-LTU 21224.70
Microfocus 6386-MNT-E-US NetIQ Aegis Base Server - Managed Process Edition Renewal Standard Care 0.14
Microfocus 877-007101 NetIQ Operations Center Integration Module for IBM Tivoli NetView 1-Year Standard Maintenance 688.68
Microfocus 877-008092 Novell iPrint Desktop 1-User 1-Year Subscription License + Priority Maintenance 8.66
Microfocus 6628-MNT-P-US-I AppManager Windows Virtual Bundle. Per server: One AM Basic Virtual Bundle plus 10 AM for Windows Standard modules Initial Business Support 805.84
Microfocus 877-008194 Identity Administration Banner Driver Education Add-on Renewal Standard Care (per FTES) 3.94
Microfocus MVS-SITE-M+R-O-G-310-MNT Comparex M+R Option to MVS Site Group 310 93723.92
Microfocus CMZMF-90000-OFM-MNT ZMF 90000 MIPS OFM 2.04
Microfocus STRDA-13000-DACICS-DB2 STRDA 13000 MIPS DA CICS DB2 $/MIPS 58.63
Microfocus 877-006492-I NetIQ SecureLogin 1-User 1-Year Initial Business Support Subscription 11.81
Microfocus 877-008009-I GroupWise Limited 1-Mailbox 1-Year Initial Standard Care 4.59
Microfocus TR-CL-PD-M Training - Serena Courseware Licensing Maint (per course day) (SRN10641) 970.28
Microfocus CMZMF-1100-M+R ZMF 1100 MIPS M+R 221.43
Microfocus 5356-1V000-I-US AppManager for Oracle RDBMS UNIX 9-16 CPU Server LIC 6434.26
Microfocus CMZMF-9000-DA ZMF 9000 MIPS DA 70.21
Microfocus M8K35AAE SecureData Encryption Use License for Open Systems from 1 to 10 Named Applications 1 Year Term Software E-LTU 7777.28
Microfocus 6635-MNT-E-US-I Virtual Bundle add on - Analysis Center Initial Standard Care 7.50
Microfocus 6046-MNT-E-US AppManager VoIP for Network Devices Renewal Standard Care 20.61
Microfocus CMZMF-15000-DB2 ZMF 15000 MIPS DB2 50.15
Microfocus 6050-MNT-P-US-I AppManager for SUSE Linux 1-2 CPU Server Initial Business Support 121.19
Microfocus 6031-MNT-E-US AppManager Nortel IP Telephony (50,000+) Renewal Standard Care 0.75
Microfocus CMZMF-350-OFM-MNT ZMF 350 MIPS OFM 43.14
Microfocus STRFDM-19000-IMS STRIMS 19000 IMS 67.89
Microfocus PRO-CONC-M Maintenance for PVCS Professional Concurrent (Builder Standard Edition) (SRN12065): First Year Maintenance 1272.03
Microfocus 569-MNT-E-US Administration Suite, Advanced Edition - 100 User License Pack Renewal Standard Care 406.05
Microfocus P8P46AAE HPE Network Operations Management Suite Ultimate Edition 10 Units Software E-LTU 3224.00
Microfocus M8M62BAE SecureData Masking Use License for z/OS Mainframe up to 500 Million of Service Units (MSU) 3 Year Term Software E-LTU 259242.50
Microfocus 874-007280 SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications, POWER, 1-2 Sockets or 1-2 Virtual Machines, Priority SUB, 1 Year 1680.40
Microfocus TB249AAE HPE Operations Manager i Event Management Platform Server Non Production Fail Over E-LTU 6045.00
Microfocus M8Q77AAE HPE AS TD ESM E7600 10000EPS SW E-LTU 143886.02
Microfocus STRDA-14000-DACICS-DB2 STRDA 14000 MIPS DA CICS DB2 $/MIPS 54.78
Microfocus RC-CMZMF-50000-MNT Release Control for CMZMF 50000 MIPS - MNT (SRN31134) 152818.64
Microfocus STRFDM-14000-STB-MNT STRSTB 14000 STB 3.59
Microfocus 6042-MNT-E-US-I AppManager VoIP for Microsoft Exchange Server Initial Standard Care 162.42
Microfocus SERENA-REINSTATEMENT-SEWPVAR12 Reinstatement Fee for Serena product. PoP: 1/16/2018-1/15/2019. Fee is calculated at 20% of the price of the software. Time Lapsed is 136 Days. Line 15: TTSEATS-BM-N-MFRR - Serial #510000503208 = $251.32. Calculation of fee: = $251.32 X .20 = $50.26 - Re 50.26
Microfocus 873-010549 NetIQ Identity Manager Integration Module for GoogleApps Government-to-Citizen/Business-to-Consumer 1-User LIC 0.87
Microfocus TR-CL-ZMF-3-MNT Courseware License - Serena ChangeMan ZMF ISPF Workshop Maint 4366.25
Microfocus M8J41AAE SecureFile Application Edition 3-4 Applications 3 Year Term Software E-LTU 98512.15
Microfocus P0K43CA Security ArcSight Security Data Platform L7505S to Security Data Platform L7600 (95 GB/day) Upgrade Server 17140.00
Microfocus 449-MNT-E-US AppManager ResponseTime for Web Renewal Standard Care 406.05
Microfocus 874-007069 Administration Privileged Account Manager Education 1-Year Renewal Standard Care Subscription (per FTES) 3.56
Microfocus 6293-MNT-P-US Avaya Aura Communication Manager IP Telephony (1000-2999) Renewal Business Support 4.06
Microfocus CMZMF-65000-DA ZMF 65000 MIPS DA 17.74
Microfocus M7X24CAE Secure Data Payments Point of SaleEncULOEM500K+/50PkLn 3Y E-LTU 2473.17
Microfocus 5238-MNT-P-US NetIQ Secure Configuration Manager for Unix Server Renewal Business Support 204.90
Microfocus 299-1V000-I-US AppManager Connector for Tivoli Netcool LIC 9682.62
Microfocus 5382-MNT-P-US-I AppManager for IBM WebSphere MQ UNIX 28-39 CPU Server Initial Business Support 3873.05
Microfocus STRDA-90000-DABATCH-IMS STRDA 90000 MIPS DA Batch IMS $/MIPS 18.51
Microfocus MF-ENTERPRISE-101 Business Rule Manager - License Extension; Update & Extension - Product Version and Release - Business Rule Manager 3.2.00 - - - - - - - Named User - Number of additional users - - 42619.50
Microfocus 877-008155 NetIQ Sentinel for Log Management 100 EPS 1-Year Renewal Business Support 1209.30
Microfocus M8A31AAE HPE SD Tok z/OS Mainfr 1-45 MSU E-LTU 2215.65
Microfocus H7S35AAE24X7-SEWPVAR1 HPE CM Mig Ed Adm 10 NmdUsr Mig SW E- LTU - Support and Updates 24x7; Period of Performance - 2/1/2018-1/31/2019. New License Cost: $2,095.48*23%=$481.96 481.96
Microfocus M8H77AAE SecureMail Standard Edition for 101 to 1000 Users per Pack of 50 Users 3 Year Term Software E-LTU 3033.14
Microfocus M7X55BAE Secure Data PaymentsPoint of SaleTokenization UL10001-25K/50LnPk 1Y E-LTU 1529.53
Microfocus 5480-MNT-E-US AppManager Limited Edition Add-on License Renewal Standard Care 81.21
Microfocus MVS-SITE-M+R-O-G-370-MNT Comparex M+R Option to MVS Site Group 370 112459.97
Microfocus 6259-MNT-E-US NetIQ Security Manager for Intrusion Detection & Prevention (Sold per NIDS/NIPS endpoint) Renewal Standard Care 40.60
Microfocus CMZMF-14000-DA ZMF 14000 MIPS DA 52.46
Microfocus 877-008017-I ZENworks Suite 1-Year Initial Business Support 21.86
Microfocus 877-008162-I NetIQ Sentinel for Log Management 5000 EPS 1-Year Initial Business Support Subscription 20595.87
Microfocus HM455A3#512 HPE S AS RepSMPlus2500ESMAppEPS3YrSubSVC 113124.00
Microfocus STRDA-4500-DACICS-MNT STRDA 4500 MIPS DA CICS $/MIPS 41.56
Microfocus M8Q69AAE HPE S AS TD100GB/d 2 2000EPS Up SW E-LTU 3727.95
Microfocus CMZMF-60000-DA ZMF 60000 MIPS DA 17.74
Microfocus H0FS9A1#103 HPE SM EntEd10001-50K/50PkUs1YrComp SaaS 1992.53
Microfocus CMZDD-80000 CMZDD 80000 MIPS 10.16
Microfocus STRFDM-80000-STB-MNT STRSTB 80000 STB 1.16
Microfocus 142-1V000-I-US AppManager for Oracle RDBMS LIC 774.61
Microfocus STRFDM-30000-STB STRSTB 30000 STB 8.39
Microfocus CMZMF-13000-OFM ZMF 13000 MIPS OFM 41.66
Microfocus STRFDM-500-DB2 STRDB2 500 DB2 197.51
Microfocus 877-008112-I Micro Focus iPrint Enterprise (Mobile & Desktop) 1-Printer 1-Year Initial Business Support 61.66
Microfocus CMZDD-6000 CMZDD 6000 MIPS 67.89
Microfocus 5075-MNT-P-US-I AppManager Diagnostic Console (10 Consoles) Initial Business Support 406.05
Microfocus SAAA044 Quality Center/Application Lifecycle Management Additional Projects Subscription Software as a Service 100.75
Microfocus M8A60AAE HPE SD Tok Ent App 201+ N/App SW E-LTU 8511.72
Microfocus 873-010279 NetIQ Operations Center Integration Module for HP OpenView Network Node Manager LIC 3279.41
Microfocus 6654-MNT-E-US-I NetIQ Unified Communications Network Assessment Add-on 1-Year Initial Standard Care (per enterprise) 1355.57
Microfocus Q0W85AAE HPE SDW TokUsLcAc100M-500MTx/Yr/1M E-LTU 47135.00
Microfocus 633-1V000-I-US AppManager for Red Hat Linux 17-27 CPU Server LIC 5497.23
Microfocus 874-007051-I Identity Tracking Education 1-Year Initial Standard Care Subscription Add-on (per FTES) 14.37
Microfocus MVS-SITE-G-190-MNT Comparex MVS Site Group 190 204075.47
Microfocus CMZMF-16000-IMS ZMF 16000 MIPS IMS 47.83
Microfocus 873-010862 NetIQ Advanced Authentication Framework 1-User License 24.36
Microfocus 874-007308-I Group Policy Administrator Education 1-Year Initial Business Support Subscription (per FTES) 3.69
Microfocus 874-007223 SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 GA Long Term Service Pack Support, x86-64, 1-500 Instances, Inherited SUB, 1 Year 49974.81
Microfocus TF497AAE Security Fortify Static Code Analyzer Build To Order Deployment Plan Upgrade adds ABAP language scanning per Cust 1 Year Term SW E-LTU 57809.79
Microfocus TTSEATS-BM-CC-MFRR-SEWPVAR3 Serena Software Serena Business Manager (SBM) 11.x [Renewal Maint for Serena Business Manager - Concurrent (8,9,11) (SRN31237) (MSRP $1,083.62*Discount of 54%) 496.10
Microfocus M7Z62AAE HPE SM Thales Con 1001-10K/50 UsPk E-LTU 599.90
Microfocus H0EV4A5#100 HPE SM App Ed 1-2/App 5Yr Comp SaaS 257100.00
Microfocus STRDA-500-DACICS STRDA 500 MIPS DA CICS $/MIPS 368.02
Microfocus STRDA-700-DABATCH-DB2 STRDA 700 MIPS DA Batch DB2 $/MIPS 172.05
Microfocus 877-007312-CDM NetIQ Identity Manager Integration Module for Salesforce.com 1-User 1-Year Priority Maintenance 1.44
Microfocus CMZDD-90000 CMZDD 90000 MIPS 10.16
Microfocus 877-007997-I PlateSpin Recon Per Server 1-Year Initial Standard Care 11.15
Microfocus STRFDM-70000-DB2-MNT STRDB2 70000 DB2 4.12
Microfocus TT-ARL TeamTrack Lic Additional Requestor per 25 Concurrent User Pack (SRN10613) 1928.80
Microfocus CMZMF-10000-OFM-MNT ZMF 10000 MIPS OFM 11.36
Microfocus 6168-MNT-P-US AppManager Unlimited (Operator/Control Center, Web Access, Developer) Console Pack Renewal Business Support 406.05
Microfocus 877-008229-I NetIQ IdentityAccess Service 1-Year Initial Business Support Subscription (VLA-HOST only) 6.25
Microfocus MF-SERENA MAINFRAME-20408-M Comparex - License Extension; Update & Extension - zOS or zVM - zVM - - - - - - - CPU - Previous No. Base Groups - 0 - 40- M 7765.88
Microfocus 5881-MNT-E-US AppManager Cisco IP Telephony (1000-2999) Renewal Standard Care 3.44
Microfocus CMZMF-10000-DB2-MNT ZMF 10000 MIPS DB2 15.19
Microfocus STRDA-18000-DACICS-IMS STRDA 18000 MIPS DA CICS IMS $/MIPS 46.29
Microfocus 5892-MNT-E-US-I AppManager Cisco Voice Mail (20000-49999) Initial Standard Care 0.75
Microfocus STRFDM-100-DB2-MNT STRDB2 100 DB2 87.43

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