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05210306 6779.76 GSQLSER09 Microsoft User Client Access License for Microsoft SQL Server 2012-General OEM.English.5 User CAL.COA License.No Media Kit.No Doc.Without Product Services
02311GFM 4949.00 BC6M40BFSA RH5885H V3 (Chassis for 23HDD.E7 v2.imana 200.with DVD)H58H-03
14060366 2.00 CDELANDER Cable Connector,Delander double edge,64PIN,Vertical Header,Cable soldering type,1.27mm Pitch, for OEM using,0.5A
02310YUT 20160.00 SFP-10G-ZDWT Optical Transceiver.SFP+.10G.Single-mode Module(DWDM.1560.61-1529.16nm.80km.LC)
02311EWF 13050.00 BC1M45SRSH Alibaba B3.12(2*GE)Chinese Standard Cable(2*E5-2650 V2 CPU.8*16GB Mem.4*900GB HDD SAS.2*GE.SR320BC-1GB+Supercap.2*460W AC PS.No Rail)
03053547 55000.00 CR5DSFUIE07B 200Gbps Switch Fabric Unit B(SFUI-200-B)
01072287 11660.00 EN2MICC500HA2C5 Hybrid Power. ICC500. 220/380Vac Three-Phase or 110Vac Dual-Live Wire. 300A. Bottom Cabling. 770mm(W) * 1250mm(D) * 1825mm(H). Heat Exchange and DC Air Conditioner
52431185 1001.00 A23D09HS Microwave Antenna,A23D09HS,23G,900mm,HP,Dual Polarization,Separate Mount,43.9dBi,1deg,67dB,30dB,With English doc,C3
03053607 9985.00 TNM1CXL03 1xSTM4(S-4.1,LC) System Control,Cross-connection,Optical Interface Board(20G HO Cross-connect/5G LO Cross-connect)
03054387 5800.00 ANDD16E11202 16 Channels E1 Interface Board(120ohm)
88990CHX 0.00 88990CHX MSAN UA5000 2nd Line Maintenance Training
02356181 25788.00 TNDM23HM0000 PTN950 DC Standard configuration(with Protection.16 Channels E1(75ohm).8 Channels FE(Electric) and 2 Channels GE(Optical))
14131650-002 25.00 SS-OP-LC/LC-M-30 Patch Cord,LC/PC,LC/PC,Multi-mode,GJFJH-A1a(OM3,bending insensitive),2mm,30m,LSZH
02311BLJ 400.00 CR5B2PWRAC00 AC Power Supply Unit 500W
03021QGD= 1799.00 WEN21DETBSP AC&DC signal detect board Spare Part
04040952 6.00 SS-DL-2E1-120-3-0.4mm Trunk Cable.3m.120ohm.2E1.0.4mm.FB4X6-II.120CC4P0.4P430U(S)
52432588 1401.00 A23D09MAC-3NX Microwave Antenna,A23D09MAC-3NX,23G,900mm,UHP-M,Dual Polarization,Direct(XMC)/Separate(All RTN ODU) Mount,44.2dBi,1deg,30dB,With English doc,C3
02310QMQ 4000.00 CR2M016FBX10 NE20E-S16 Fan Box
02311DHK 287.00 FBBMHSSCBC02 Closure-half type-16 splitting-SC/APC- terminals-369mm*242mm*125mm-wall mounted.SSC2207-TM-16-mechanicall seal-inline-4 inlets and outlets(D8-25mm)
03020LEY 270.00 SSND000SEI01 Signal Extend Interface Board
02310LRJ 5253.40 DWDM-XFP10G-1553-33 DWDM Optical Transceiver.XFP.10G.Single-mode Module(1553.33nm.80km.LC)
02355837 12940.48 S5310-28C-EI S5310-28C-EI Mainframe(20 GE RJ45.4 GE Combo.4 10GE SFP+.Dual Slots of power and Flexible Card.Without Flexible Card and Power Module)
88030WVK 6265.00 NSHS00WLAN02 eSight WLAN License-Incremental 50 APs License
02350RSS 13118.56 S6320-26Q-EI-24S S6320-26Q-EI-24S(24 10 Gig SFP+.2 40 Gig QSFP+.without power module)
02350FWN 100000.00 CR5P03BASD75 NE40E-X3A Basic Configuration (Including NE40E-X3A Chassis,2 MPUs,2 DC Power,without Software Charge and Document)
14170096 0.02 ENCordEnd000 Common Terminal,Single Cord End Terminal,Conductor Cross Section 1.0mm^2,Tin Plating,Insertion Depth 6mm,Yellow
02311JUB 5086.41 TE20-5X-W-00 HUAWEI TE20. Videoconferencing Endpoint-WIFI (All-in-One HD Codec.with HD camera and microphone. including cable assembly. and remote control)
31188107 1017.60 SLDI000DOC71 OptiX RTN 905 1E&2E V100R007C10 Radio Transmission System Product Documentation
88171512 0.00 88171512 Fusion Access 950VM Integration Service-Solution Implementation
88032NCN 151000.00 NSHSLTEMGR13 eSight eLTE Devcice Manager License-50 eNodeB
02359246 10971.00 CE5850-HI-B00 CE5850-48T4S2Q-HI Switch(2*150W AC Power Module.2*FAN Box.Port side exhaust)
31189151 240.00 NECI261DOC00 NE05E&NE08E Mid-End Router Product Documentation
02311GCU 9004.70 BC6M29EXCPU X86 series-LGA2011-2600MHz-1.2V-64bit-130000mW-IvyBridge EX Xeon E7-4860 v2-12Core-with heatsink-RH5885H V3
88032CQX 27351.00 NSHSSNWMGR23 eSight Network Device License(Professional)-Incremental 300 Devices License
88031DPE 6250.00 TNNSTCARE01 TP-Assist Basic Function Fee(Per subrack)
03020TEA 35100.00 LE0DX4UXED00 4-Port 10GBASE-X Interface Card(ED.XFP)
S4017149 90000.00 CR5P08SFUE70 NE40E-X8 200G SFU Bundle Configuration(Including 2*SRUA5 and 1*SFUI-200-C)
88062745 6800.00 SE9S00SRTP05 TLS/SRTP Encryption SW Subscription and Support. 5 Year(per 100 concurrent session)
34060946 6772.00 ODX083700 Optical Transceiver.SFP+.1547.72nm.9.95G~11.1Gbps.-1~3dBm.-24.0dBm.LC.SM.80km
88220035 60000.00 88220035 OSS Integration Consulting Package-Remote(6 Month)
88032YJS 1276.70 FS0S5FSASA12 FusionSphere Virtualization Suite Advanced Edition.2 Years Subscription and Support.per CPU
02232KHN 21.00 FB3XGNDC1505 Ground Cable of cabinet-15m-450V-60227 IEC 02(RV)-6mm^2-yellow/green-44A-CCC,CE-For India
01073918 14100.00 ESM-48100A1 Energy Storage Module, ESM-48100A1, 48V, 100Ah, 442mm (W) * 560mm (D) * 190mm (H)
88031DVY 401.00 UA2SIVRPOR09 IVR Port License(101-250 channels)
23050079 60.00 PTAE4LAMP12V Indicator.roundness.white.LED.12V.DC
21240874 140.00 FB2X0ABCEU01 Air-blown cable entry unit-Fix 7 pcs Air-blown microduct-Steel sheet
03030QWX 740.00 H83D01PAIA01 AC Power Board, No Power Backup
31189721 960.00 SLDI000DOC100 OptiX RTN 905 1E&2E Radio Transmission System V100R010C00 Product Documentation
52432630 2452.00 A23D09MAC-4NX Microwave Antenna,A23D09MAC-4NX,23G,900mm,UHP-M,Dual Polarization,Direct(XMC)/Separate(All RTN ODU) Mount,44.2dBi,1deg,30dB,With English doc,C4
88032TWK 240000.00 VCM-LIC-VRT-8 VCM Video retrieval channel license (8-channel)
88033UVU 3003.00 UA2L00SCUL18 Senior Collaboration User License(more than 50 Agents) Subscription and Support.5 Year
03030NWT 10939.20 EH1D2X02XEA0 2-Port 10GBASE-X Interface Card(EA.XFP)
03023FHK= 120.00 ENJ1DETB01 Function Module-iBAT2.0_12V-Monitor Battery Internal resistance,Voltage,Post temperature-For 12V battery
03030WNQ 1048824.00 TNU2U401T52 1*100G Universal Line Service Processing Board
01071828 6500.00 ETP48200C4A1 ETP48200-C4A1
03021TNU 5355.00 H83D00VCLF01 32-port VDSL2 Service Board (with Vector)
02310LNS 880.00 CWDM-SFPGE-1571 CWDM Optical Transceiver.eSFP.2.5G.Single-mode Module(1571nm.80km.LC)
04150143 1.00 CPGN00643 Power Cable,0.5m,6mm^2,OT6-6,H07Z-K-6^2G&Y,OT6-6
21240438 8.00 E0N66RA00 N66 rail assembly
02120415 249.00 CR52-PWRA-AC-DF AC Distribution Frame for Cabinet.2 or 6 Input.6(2*3) Output.6 Group of 2 Poles 20A Air Switch
02350KYD 10000.00 MIEZ00RAPS00 Recording and Playback Server
24060050 12991.36 B3(DCB)-800A Energy Storage Unit. DCB-B Series. 48V. 800Ah. 2V Cell. 181mm(W) * 303mm(D) * 365mm(H). 24PCS
02351HAK 2900.00 26V3-L-NLSAS6T-02 6TB 7.2K RPM NL-SAS Disk Unit(3.5"),for High Density Disk Enclosure
03020KHE 238.00 TNF1CTL OADM Control Board
02231TVS 35.00 ETHSensor01 Environment Temperature Sensor-15V~24VDC--20~80degC/0~100%RH-(+/-)0.8degC)/(+/-)5%RH(15~50)degC-4~20mA (Include 10M Cable)
02231XEH 0.70 DKBA80446536 Small Metal Parts,DKBA8.044.6536,Cabling rack
03030QFM 60890.00 TN52NS2T04 10G Line Service Processing Board(AFEC.Super WDM.Tunable).50GHz(800ps/nm.Rx1_PIN.Tx1_-3dBm~+2dBm.LC)
02310VSG 2579.00 BC1M50EPCPU X86 series.FCLGA2011.2.2GHz.0.9V.64bit.95W.IvyBridge EP Xeon E5-2660 V2.10Core.with heatsink.RH1288 V2 Dedicated
02350SJB 23813.00 26V3I-L-2C32G-DC 2600 V3(2U,Dual Ctrl,DC,32GB,2*6*GE,12*3.5",SPE23C0212)
03030KAP 12041.60 ES0D0X4UXC00 4-Port 10GBASE-X Interface Card(EC.XFP)
45200102 957.00 OSPL3A100 Bare optical splitter-2:32-even-SC/UPC-60*7*4mm-SPL9103-PLC-with Pigtail-G.657A-0.9mm-1.5m-with Fan-Out
02220154 87.00 W0ACPSE11 Adapter,-25degC,60degC,90V,264V,56V/1.52A,C8/RI45,POE ADAPTER
24021434 11354.00 BatteryGFX800 Vented lead-acid battery
50082815 608.00 EP1Z03IPHO eSpace 7950 IP Phone
02311TEF 1101.34 BC61M32G DDR4 RDIMM Memory.32GB.2400MT/s.2Rank(2G*4bit).1.2V.ECC
01072306 13398.40 TP48200AHD15B4 Outdoor Power. TP48200A. 220/380Vac Three-Phase or 220Vac Single- Phase. 200A. 700mm(W) * 700mm(D) * 1600mm(H).Heat Exchange and Direct Ventilation
88035AUR 18000.00 CR5S40BS8B00 NetEngine40E Base SW,VRP8,V800R011
88033UAR 3300.00 UA2L00SCUL03 Senior Collaboration User License(more than 50 Agents)
02351608 335.00 DB100-24xSMB-E1-Box 24*E1 DB100 to SMB Port Conversion Box
31189696 240.00 CR5I89DOCE02 HUAWEI NetEngine5000E Core Router Product Documentation
03021KSK 55000.00 TN52UXCM 3.2T Universal Cross Connect Board-ODUk.PKT.VC4&VC12
02359555 1499.48 SAS10-900G2S-A4 900GB 10K RPM SAS Disk Unit(2.5)
03030NXG 11787.20 EH1D2G48SFA0 48-Port 100/1000BASE-X Interface Card(FA.SFP)
52431357 669.92 A26D03HD Microwave Antenna.A26D03HD.26G.300mm.HP.Dual Polarization.Compact Mount.35.8dBi.2.5deg.30dB.With English doc.C3
04041751 8.00 C01E1A005 Trunk Cable,BSL,10m,75ohm,1E1,2.2mm,120CC2P0.4P430U(S)+2*SYFVZ75-1.2/0.25,MP8-II,H521BSL
02311FRM 4507.00 BC1M23HGSB RH2288 V3 8HD Model(2*E5-2620V3.2*16GB Mem.4*600GB SAS.DVD-RW.4*GE.1*4Poat NIC.SR130.2*460W AC PS)
02350YMD 6394.00 22V3-L-HSSD900 900GB SSD SAS Disk Unit(3.5")
02310AMQ 13000.00 ANCMHOST1200 ATN 910 System.With 16 Channels E1(120ohm).4 Channels FE(Electric) and 2 Channels GE(Optical)
88031BVE 1408.00 L-AC6605-16AP AC6605 Access Controller AP Resource License(16 AP)
02350NHL 6300.64 S5720-36C-PWR-EI-DC S5720-36C-PWR-EI Bundle(28 Ethernet 10/100/1000 PoE+ ports.4 of which are dual-purpose 10/100/1000 or SFP.4 10 Gig SFP.with 650W DC power)
02350KBR 14000.00 SY1MRH128S01 SE1000_E600 Hardware(DC)
88032WYR 320.00 TNESR7TOR800 PTN 910-F Software Release Entitlement(V100R007 to V100R008)
01072945 13250.00 TP48200AHT15A501 Outdoor Power. TP48200A. 220/380Vac Three-Phase or 220Vac Single- Phase. 200A. 650mm(W) * 650mm(D) * 1600mm(H). Heat Exchange and TEC Air Conditioner
52431714 442.00 A42D03HS Microwave Antenna,A42D03HS,42G,300mm,HP,Dual Polarization,Separate Mount,40.8dBi,1.5deg,30dB,with Bracket,with English doc,C3
52430978 2980.00 VHLP6-11-HW1 Microwave Antenna.A11S18HAC.11G.1800mm.HP.Single.Direct(XMC)/Separate(ALL RTN ODU) Mount.43.8dBi.1.1deg.30dB.With English doc
06010171 63.60 NUSBDSK01 Storage USB DISK.4GB.USB 2.0.No document
88033UCB 3720.00 IC1LSMSDUL03 ICP SMS Dispatcher License Subscription and Support. 2 Year
02350EGV 9349.20 CE6810-48S4Q-LI-F CE6810-48S4Q-LI Switch(48-Port 10G SFP+.4-Port 40GE QSFP+.2*FAN Box.Port-side Exhaust.Without Power Module)
88062772 10200.00 SE9SSTGSNS03 Security Traversal Gateway SW Subscription and Support.3 Year(per k channels)
88135VMV 70.50 88135VMV Data & Device Retention Service-SSD 600GB
03030LWF 8269.70 ES0D0X2UXA00 2-Port 10GBASE-X Interface Card(EA.XFP)
88990CGP 0.00 88990CGP DSLAM SmartAX MA5600T Series Planning Training
02310LNJ 1613.45 DWDM-SFPGE-1534-25 DWDM Optical Transceiver.eSFP.2.5G.Single-mode Module(1534.25nm.120km.LC)
88142DVU 0.00 88142DVU Cloud Computing-FusionStorage Advanced Edition Solution Design Service
02232EKN 30.00 WSSCC800B1-001 Water Sensor,with Installation Subassembly
02312AXN 800.00 CWDM-SFPGE-1551 CWDM Optical Transceiver,eSFP,2.5G,Single-mode Module(1551nm,80km,LC)
04026468 27.00 H3-DL4754 Single Cable.H301ATI Auxiliary Communication Cable.15.00m.2*DIN3X8-I.CC24P0.4P430U-II.HONET.DL4754
88038496 2000.00 SS0SSLM16300 License Charge Per SLM1630 NE
02358545 4365.00 AR3260 AR3260 Integrated Chassis Components
02354131 3431.01 S2700-52P-PWR-EI S2700-52P-PWR-EI Bundle(48 Ethernet 10/100 PoE+ ports.4 Gig SFP.with 500W AC power supply)
02350LEP 14000.00 SY1MRH128S02 SE1000-E300 Hardware(AC)
88033UML 660.00 UA2L00SCUL06 Senior Collaboration User License(more than 50 Agents) Subscription and Support.1 Year
14133698-001 5.00 SCUPC-SCAPC-S-3B Patch Cord,SC/UPC,SC/APC,Single Mode,G.657A2,2mm,3m,LSZH
02351KFA 22637.00 HSSD-3.6T3S-A1 3.6TB SSD SAS Disk Unit(3.5")
8270G9FR 10.00 IG2S0MDFUF13 Malware Definition Base Upgrade(1year Free Upgrade License).with HW Service Inspection Gateway Software
14060381 5.50 CRIBBON00 Cable Connector,Ribbon Plug,64PIN,Right Angle Exit Wire,Cable IDC Type,Shielded,Dual Screw Lock,Solid Wire Size AWG 26-24,For OEM
88032YCQ 225.40 88V3-LSVIR200 SmartVirtualization Software Capacity License(101-200TB)
52450401 8355.98 F1530640AHA Full Outdoor MicroWave.RTN 310.15G.-3.F1530640AHA.640MHz.Sub Band A.High site.H.15140MHz.15355MHz.DC.2.without doc.WR-62.H01
02350FEB 14000.00 SY1MRH128S00 SE1000_E600 Hardware(AC)
03052883 102950.00 SSND0SLO1604 8xSTM-16 Optical Interface Board(L-16.2.LC)
02359308 500.00 FAN-060A-F Fan box(F,FAN panel side intake )
04120337 89.00 CL21E1A10 Trunk Cable.10m.75ohm.21E1.1.6mm.Anea 96F-III.SYFYZP75-1.1/0.26*42PWG1U(S).+45deg.LSZH
88990TCR 0.00 88990TCR FusionServer X6800 Data Center Server Deployment and Management Training
88033NFS 5892.60 LIC-53V3-DRPAK Disaster Recovery Solution Suite License(Include HyperSnap.HyperReplication)
03021YTD 698.54 BC11FXEB 2X10GE NetCard
02310SKH 62840.00 H806GPBH03 8-port Enhanced GPON OLT Interface Board(including ClassC++ SFP Optical Module)
88990PLT 0.00 88990PLT HCS-Field-WLAN Voucher
03030NWB 560.00 EH1D200CMU00 Centralized Monitoring Board
02310SSB 9433.20 SFP-10G-ZCW1571 Optical Transceiver.SFP+.10G.Single-mode Module(CWDM.1571nm.70km.LC)
8270G527 15000.00 LIC-VFW-25 Quantity of Virtual Firwall(25 Vsys)
05040500 54.00 Vertel OSI Stack Vertel OSI Stack.English Version.No Doc..with ETS-LAN stack & DCC stack & IS-IS stack
0603G01D 1034.14 N6GLSISAS01 LSI.SAS2008 SAS/SATA HBA.6Gb.2-Port.SAS.PCIe 2.0 x8
98010537 2442.24 S5700-28TP-PWR-LI-AC S5700-28TP-PWR-LI-AC(24 Ethernet 10/100/1000 PoE+ ports.2 Gig SFP and 2 dual-purpose 10/100/1000 or SFP.AC 110/220V)
02311TSD 3602.94 N1600SSDW3I52 SSD.1600GB.SATA 6Gb/s.Read Intensive.S3520 Series.2.5inch(3.5inch Drive Bay).LE Series
21203063 375.00 FBBM00HSSC03 Closure-half type-96 core-369mm*242mm*125mm-wall mounted.SSC2207-FM-96-mechanical seal-inline-4 inlets and outlets(D8-25mm)-without valve
88067065 129675.00 IC1LEVPSNS05 ICP Basic Voice Dispatcher Service Software Package Subscription and Support, 5 Year
02232UUU 24.00 IFODU5DX502 XMC-5D Installation Accessories(5D)
04024990 4.00 SS-DL-Telephone-15 Single Cable,Telephone Line 15m,MP6-V,28UL20251-2CB,MP6-V,VP8020,W2858
03021MCG 7910.00 TNDD00CXPC00 System Control.Cross-connect and Multi-protocol Process Unit
03031FFY 1547707.00 TNU3N402T53 2*100G Line Service Processing Board (LH.SDFEC2.Coherent.Tunable.50GHz.LC)
02350CQG 37000.00 IG2ZX3SCDC01 SIG9800-X3 DC Standard Configuration(include X3 DC Chassis.2*MPU).with HW Service Inspection Gateway Software
02230NLU 18.00 H8056T2070 Engineering Required Delivery Accessory Per Assembly Cabinet
05119391 3217.00 NSDSR15LCT02 LCT Network Management System Software Suite
02356703 384000.00 CR5P5KBASA64 NetEngine5000E-X16A 100G Basic Configuration AC
03052228 10630.00 TNHD00ISUD04 21xE1/75ohm/2xSTM-4(L-4.1.LC)Integrated System Control Unit.ESFP Opitcal Module
03058958 24219.00 SMART25GeFE 4 ports SmartIO I/O module(SFP+,25Gb ETH)
02311GCV 10289.42 BC6M30EXCPU X86 series-LGA2011-2300MHz-1.2V-64bit-130000mW-IvyBridge EX Xeon E7-4870 v2-15Core-with heatsink-RH5885H V3
02351376 3816.00 LS-S3352P-EI-AC S3352P-EI Mainframe(48 10/100 BASE-T ports and 2 100/1000 BASE-X ports and 2 SFP GE (1000 BASE-X) ports (SFP Req.) and AC 110/220V)
52440766 1180.00 OMT38Q06 Microwave Accessory,Dual Polarized Coupler,38G,Compact Mount,153IEC-R320,6dB,With English doc
04050242 50.88 C0VGA2M01 VGA Extension cable-2M-for HD endpoint use
01073046 6148.00 ICC330H1C1 Hybrid Power. ICC330. 220/380Vac Three-Phase. 400A. Bottom Cabling. 650mm(W) * 650mm(D) * 1600mm(H). Heat Exchange
88033UBE 130200.00 IC1LICPSSP10 Integrated Communication Platform Core Service Software Packet Subscription and Support. 2 Year(2-3 sites)
02350NHR 13203.36 S5320-56C-HI-DC S5320-56C-HI Bundle(48 Ethernet 10/100/1000 ports.4 10 Gig SFP+.with 2 interface slots.with 350W DC power supply)
02120539 60.00 TNH1APW Alternating Current Power Supply Unit
88032KNB 8834.70 LIC-5800V3-CLON HyperClone License
06310023 230.40 N00PCIE00 Network Card.Gigabit.10/100/1000M.2 ports.PCIE 2.0 X4-8086-10C9-2.Without driver CD.all.Short.low-profile
02311EWJ 19304.00 BC1MA8SRSG Alibaba S10-3S.22(2*10GE SFP+)(2*E5-2650 v2 CPU.8*16GB Mem.9*2TB HDD+3*480GB SSD SATA.SR120.2*10GE.2*460W PS.No Rail)
32030091 36.00 EFAN34W02 Fan Subassembly,36V,75V,120*120*25.4mm,600mm,4PIN,20.16W,180CFM
21131422 1.80 EBP0ALL01 All-purpose blank panel
03020NUH 1325.00 BT4DPSIU01 Packet Synchronization Interface Unit
02310MKG 111.00 CR5MPWRBX070 AC Power Box (2200W)
02354194 4288.76 AP6610DN-AGN AP6610DN-AGN Mainframe(11n.Enhanced AP Outdoor.2x2 Double Frequency)
82704112 270.00 LIC-CS-3Y-USG63B Cloud Sandbox Inspection 3-Year Service(Applies to USG6320)
02310LPG 880.00 CWDM-SFPGE-1551 CWDM Optical Transceiver.eSFP.2.5G.Single-mode Module(1551nm.80km.LC)
03052788 118915.00 SSJ00EGSH03 16-port Gigabit Ethernet Switching Processing Board(1000BASE-ZX.1550-LC)
02358720 7552.50 STTZ12DAE24 High Performance Solid State Storage System Disk Enclosure-AC(2U.AC.DAE12425U2)
88990KHF 0.00 88990KHF IMS Overview Training
52430722 1990.00 RFS-18G-Dual-Separate-1.2m Microwave Antenna.A18D12HS.18G.1200mm.HP.Dual.Separate Mount.44.5dBi.0.9deg.30dB.With English doc
02310JSA 9499.00 VC8MB3PEN HUAWEI VP9050.Videoconferencing Terminal(1080P.miniMCU.touch screen.cables-Switzerland)
52432186 791.00 SHP1-23-HW1A Microwave Antenna,ANDREW,23G,300mm,SHP,Single Polarization,Direct(XMC)/Separate(All RTN ODU) Mount,35.6dBi,2.9deg,30dB,With English doc,C4
03056455 4800.00 NEDD00EM8F01 8 Channels GE/FE Optical Interface Board
31186237 960.00 SSRIENDOC121 OptiX OSN 1500 Intelligent Optical Transmission System Product Documentation
03020QRJ 9860.00 H60D00COPA01 Circuit Emulation Services over Packet Board
05052399 16354.80 NKPHT1STD Software Operation.Veritas NetBackup.7.7.NETBACKUP ENT CLIENT UX 1 SERVER HARDWARE TIER 1 ONPREMISE STANDARD PERPETUAL LICENSE CORPORATE.1 Year 7*24 Service.With Configuration Sheet.Electronic
88067032 40176.00 IC1LMSMSNS02 ICP Basic IoT Call-taker License(per agent) Subscription and Support, 2 Year
88060FQT 1280.00 N1-S127-A-SnS1Y N1-CloudCampus,Advanced,S127 Series,SnS,Per Device,1Year
52430692 1450.00 RFS-18G-Single-Separate-1.2m Microwave Antenna.A18S12HS.18G.1200mm.HP.Single.Separate Mount.44.7dBi.1deg.30dB.With English doc
02316784 156.00 LS5M100PWD00 150W DC Power Module(Gray)
02351XFT 14700.00 S5730-68C-HI-48S S5730-68C-HI-48S (48*GE SFP ports, 4*10GE SFP+ ports, 2*expansion slots, without power module)
04091733 18.00 EN3MCBLACDB0 Cable Bundle, ACDB to subrack Power Cable
25030627 0.26 EN2300B022AW Power Cable,300V,UL3385,22AWG,Black,9A,UL (Unit:meter)
02310KHH 4483.80 SLD1IRU101 RTN 905 System 4*GE(RJ45)+2*GE(SFP)+16*E1+2*TDM TDM Service Cascading Port+1*IF IDU Unit(-48VDC)
02350GTR 8013.60 CE5855-48T4S2Q-EI-F CE5855-48T4S2Q-EI Switch(48-Port GE RJ45.4-Port 10G SFP+.2-Port 40G QSFP+.2*FAN Box.Port-side Exhaust.Without Power Module)
88990PNA 0.00 88990PNA HSS9860 Operation and Maintenance Training
03030RRQ 466667.00 TN56NS3T01 40Gbit/s Line Service Processing Board(ULH.HFEC.Coherent.Tunable.50GHz.LC)
88032XMY 0.01 LIC-SSLDET-IPM Encrypted SSL traffic inspection function
88032TJJ 3000.00 ANDS00V2R500 ATN 950B V200R005 Ethernet service Software package, Containing TDM/ATM PWE3, L2VPN, Ethernet OAM, Synchronous Ethernet, etc.
02311HEY 10174.94 BC6M61EXCPU X86 series-FCLGA2011-2200MHz-1.8V-64bit-140000mW-Haswell EX Xeon E7-8860 v3-16Core-with heatsink-RH5885H V3
52430417 6041.00 HP8-107-R1A Microwave Antenna-A11S24HS-11G-2400mm-HP-Single-Separate Mount-46.4dBi-0.8deg-english
88033UNX 59.00 UA2L00POAL06 Predictive Outbound Agent License(more than 250 agents) Subscription and Support.1 Year
88033DNG 1.50 RSELENCYT01 The Ability of Cancel Streaming Encryption. default not Cancel( 0: Not Cancel 1:Cancel).RSE6500
88039015 720.00 TNDSR1TOR201 Software Annual Release Fee
88033UCW 558000.00 IC1L10ABSP03 ICP 10 Agents Basic software Package Subscription and Support. 2 Year
03052881 49900.00 SSND0SLO1602 8xSTM-16 Optical Interface Board(S-16.1.LC)
05110AXY 0.03 NSHDUAL360 Linux HA System Physical Software For Huawei Customize(All)
01071438 5543.80 EN2MESMA0100 Energy Storage Unit. ESM-A01. 48V. 50Ah. 12V Cells. 442 mm (W) * 437 mm (D) * 175 mm (H) . 4PCS
88032UKD 400.00 NECSUPYEAR00 NE05E-SJ/SK/SM/SL Software Upgrade Fee(Per Year)
03021TUN 6200.00 SSN5EFS001 8 FE 10/100M Fast Ethernet Processing Board with LAN Switch
06010321 16.50 NUSBDSK16 USB Flash Disk,USB Flash Disk,72mmX21.9mmX13mm,16GB,USB2.0,Alcor Micro MCU,No doc
27011016 179.00 ASB235G00 Directional Antenna.5150-5850MHz.23dBi.8deg.Cross Polarization.5W.Yes.N female *2

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