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PartNumber ListPrice Model ProductDescription Actions
31186675 240.00 ANFI221DOC00 ATN 910I Multi-Service Access Equipment Product Documentation
21240620 748.00 CE12812-DOOR CE12812 door
82301472 6.00 NSASSAVECT01 Vectoring Pre-evaluation.per port
S4026478 9700.00 NSDP0PWARE23 Common platform Linux Dual Server System Software for HUAWEI Server(1*Veritas)-HUAWEI Customized
82400559 280000.00 CR5S40HAPLF0 NetEngine40E Hybrid Access Function License for 240 Series Units
88171544 0.00 88171544 Fusion Access Step Length 50VM Integration Service-Solution Implementation
02311NSY 1044.74 AR-1LTE-Lo-S FDD/HSPA+ (700M)Interface Card
02081441 18.00 ATB3201-1B Indoor access terminal box-1 core-Wall-embedded-SC/APC-86*86*40mm-White-Plastic-ATB3201-1B
04151420 9.00 PCPS2F Power Cable.0.66m.PS2F.14SJTW(3C)B.TB3PIN
03022DEN 4337.00 BT13TODI TOD Interface Unit
02350BSB 38555.80 5600V3-64G-AC 5600 V3(3U.Dual Ctrl.AC.64GB.SPE62C0300)
31186261 960.00 TNCI150DOC00 OptiX PTN 910 V100R005C00 Product Documentation
52440887 184.00 AA11H-CE_1 Microwave electric Accessory,Antenna Adapter,11G,AA11H-CE_1,With English doc
02311EKH 16000.00 BC1M67SRSC Tencent TS8_4.2.0(2*E5-2420 v2 CPU.4*8GB Mem.12*300GB SSD.2*GE.SR120.2*460W AC PS)
04140030 108.00 CADSL6404 Subscriber Cable,64 Channel ADSL,25m,0.4mm,128 Cores,2*D64M,CC64P0.4P430U-I
03031FSL 15000.00 ES1D2SRUH000 S7706/S7712,Main Control Unit H
02353FJQ 1456000.00 CR5P5KBASDD5 NE5000E-20 1.6T Basic Configuration DC for Multi Chassis
05170692 5400.00 GUMSVOI10 Movius Cafe UMS Voice Mailbox 10 Concurrent Ports
04045705 61.00 CADSL3273 Subscriber Cable,32 Channel ADSL,25m,0.4mm,64 Cores,D64AM-II,CC32P0.4P430U-I
02310FWU 6499.00 VC8M6VPEN HUAWEI VP9050.Videoconferencing Terminal(1080P.touch screen.cables-British)
52220556 45.00 SHELTER2LAYER MTS 2, layer battery rack theft crosspiece(Temporary, Simplified Certification)
02351SBT 7580.00 HSSD-960G2S-A3 960GB SSD SAS Disk Unit(3.5")
02358370 28620.00 TE60-1080P60-P-02 HUAWEI TE60 HD codec 1080P60. VPC620 HD camera(12x). VPM220 wired microphone array
52432456 442.00 A32D03MS-3NX Microwave Antenna,A32D03MS-3NX,32G,300mm,UHP-M,Dual Polarization,Separate Mount,39dBi,1.8deg,30dB,With English doc,C3
03021TJE 19334.40 EH1D2X08SED4 8-Port 10GBASE-X Interface Card(ED.SFP+)
02400388 137.00 W000PDC00 Power Distribution Cabinet.220V.47~63Hz.60000mA.English Document.Power Rack For OSTA2.0.Made By Eltek (SNS Dedicated)
02350DQN 20521.60 AR3670 AR3670.2 SIC.3 WSIC. 4 XSIC. 700W AC Power
52430911 3300.00 VHLP6-7W-HW1 Microwave Antenna.A07S18HAC.7/8G.1800mm.HP.single.Direct(XMC)/Separate(All RTN ODU) Mount.40.8dBi.1.5deg.32dB.With English doc
34060548-001 6125.00 XFP-LH70-SM1491 Optical Transceiver-XFP-1491nm-9.95~11.1Gb/s-0dBm-4dBm--23dBm-LC-SM-70km
21020446 1860.00 FB2B0FDT4300 "Intelligent fiber distribution terminal-432 cores-Outdoor floor installation-1550*800*360mm-Huawei grey-Anticorrosive aluminium-Inside 19"" installation-GXF147-iFDT3103D-432-CHINA TELECOM Logo"
19040070 0.40 NACF10A01 Slow Blow Fuse.250V.10A.UL Spec.0.01ohm.137A*A*Sec.UL/CSA Approved
88033UKT 120.00 UA2LWEBAFL03 Web Agent Basic Function License(more than 250 agents)
02311GGD 64918.64 BC1MBKSRSG Alibaba D13.2B(2*GE+2*10GE SFP+)_Intel(2*E5-2650 V2 CPU.16*16GB Mem.12*800GB SSD SATA.2*GE+2*10GE.SR320BC-1GB+Supercap.2*460W AC PS.No Rail)
98010459 1299.90 S1700-52GFR-4P-AC S1700-52GFR-4P-AC(48 Ethernet 10/100/1000 ports.4 Gig SFP.AC 110/220V)
88108808 1690.00 AB86ONSITEEUP-01 Outsourcing Product Service,Software Service,Eisoo,MS-AB-FX-IN-W19019,Original Manufacturer Service,x86 version European A on-site service for 1 person/day
52260827 583.00 GAMSPBAG4 Generating sets accessories. Engine Fuel System Spare Part Package. Fuel Rubber Pipe(13mm)
8270G902 240000.00 IG1S0TKBUF10 Traffic Knowledge Base Upgrade Fee For 1M Subscribers(1year),with HW Service Inspection Gateway Software
02113011 8206.00 TN5B1RACK02 N63B Type ETSI Rack(2200*600*300mm)Without SubRack(1*OSN 8800+2*OSN 6800/8800 Platform Subrack)
14131064 2.00 F0PCD1001 Pigtail-SC/UPC-Single mode-G.657A2-0.9mm-1.5m-LSZH-Yellow-easy strip
52440206 630.00 COUP7&8G-30C-6 Microwave Accessory.Coupler.7&8G.1.025''dia.6dB.With English doc
88032KQE 14250.00 AC-10000 Terminals of Access Control Function.Including 10000 Access Terminals License
04047021 24.00 CSUB16T00 Subscriber Cable.32 Channel ADSL.10m.0.4mm.64 Cores.4*DIN3X8.CC32P0.4P430U-I.Full Color Spectrum
88060SQU 330.00 ICP20SCVDS07 ICP Basic Call-taking Inspector License(per agent) Subscription and Support,1 Year
05113089 3012.00 WM1GBITS3000 Software basics of the Terminal Program
88067097 195300.00 IC1LSTUSNS02 ICP SMS Dispatcher Service Package Subscription and Support, 2 Year
02350FVD 19800.00 CR2M04BASD12 NE20E-S4 DC Basic Configuration (Includes NE20E-S4 Chassis,2*MPUE1,2*DC Power,Power cord,without Software Charge and Document)
03030KBB 27560.00 CR53-P10-2xcPOS/STM1-SFP 2-Port Channelized OC-3c/STM-1c POS-SFP Flexible Card
24040137 872.00 WSD2000RC Battery Rack,2-line 2-layer rack,2539*876*1145mm,One side cabling
88034GUN 12000.00 TN1S000SW121 OptiX OSN 8800 T16-Basic Software Package,V100R012(Per Subrack)
52430059 11075.00 HP10-65-D1M Microwave Antenna.ANDREW.U6G.3000mm.HP.Single Polarization.Separate Mount.43.9dBi.1deg.27dB.With English doc
02311RGR 13920.00 BC4M102HGSB Tencent TSC1_5.3.0(1*E5-2620 V3 CPU.2*16GB DIMM.12*4TB SATA HDD+1*240GB SSD.2*GE.SR130.2*460W AC POWER)
02352353 4570.72 S5700-48TP-SI-AC S5700-48TP-SI-AC(48 Ethernet 10/100/1000 ports.4 of which are dual-purpose 10/100/1000 or SFP.AC 110/220V)
02350HYW 45718.33 55V3-128G-DC210 "5500 V3(2U.Dual Ctrl.DC.128GB.SmartIO.8*10Gb ETH.25*2.5"".SPE33C0225)"
31187835 960.00 TN5I000DOC27 OptiX OSN 8800&6800A&3800A Product Documentation-(V100R009C00_01,NA)
88990KSS 0.00 88990KSS eSpace UC System Deployment and Maintenance Training
52450405 10226.88 F3831260BHA Full Outdoor MicroWave.RTN 310.38G.-3.F3831260BHA.1260MHz.Sub Band B.High site.H.38864MHz.39452MHz.DC.2.without doc.WR-28.H01
04120339 222.00 CL21E1A30 Trunk Cable.30m.75ohm.21E1.1.6mm.Anea 96F-III.SYFYZP75-1.1/0.26*42PWG1U(S).+45deg.LSZH
02310PQG 465.00 FB2MISL27100 Intelligent compact optical splitter-1:16-even-SC/UPC-110*60*10mm-iSPL3605-P1016A-with eID-PLC-with Pigtail-G.657A-2mm-1.5m-For iODN
01071810 2380.00 MINI300B1101 Indoor Power, TP48300B, 110Vac Dual-Live Wire or 220Vac Single-Phase, 300A, 442mm (W) * 360mm (D) * 480mm (H)
02311NJB 8906.54 BC1M02GPU nVIDIA.Tesla K40M Graphics Accelerator.12GB.PCIe 3.0 x16.only for RH5885H V3
S4014489 3.00 CPOTS3256 Subscriber Cable,32-Channel XDSL,0.4mm,64 Cores,per meter
02352362 6542.32 S3700-52P-EI-24S-AC S3700-52P-EI-24S-AC(24 Ethernet 10/100 ports.24 FE SFP.4 Gig SFP.AC 110/220V)
52450608 13167.00 F81210000ALA Full Outdoor MicroWave.RTN 380.81G.-3.F81210000ALA.10000MHz.Sub Band A.Low site.S.71000MHz.76000MHz.POE.4.Without doc.WR-12.H01
50100249 1739.00 JS5016-8D Concentrative Ethernet To Multi-E1Protocol Converter
04140098 128.00 CVDSL3240 Subscriber Cable,32 Channel VDSL,40m,0.4mm,64 Cores,D64AM-II,CC32P0.4P430U-IV
03030HED-001 6937.00 TN12DCP01 Double Channel Protect Board(SM)
03020JNL 1103.00 TN51EFI1 EMI Filter Interface Board
02358418 31342.08 AR32-200-AC AR3260.SRU200.4 SIC.2 WSIC.4 XSIC.350W AC Power
04050989 0.70 MINI-USB-02B IT Equipment Cable.USB Cable.2m.USB A Male.CC(1P0.32+2C0.5)B(S).Mini USB B Male.Black
04090386 90.00 CVDSL5966 Harness.F01D500.64-port Subscriber Cable Harness.8*10-pair VDSL Cable Side Terminal Strip.2.8m.Delander
52270262 4473.51 EN3PRECAC051 Precision Air-conditioner.1500W.220V.50Hz.-20degC/55degC.Air cooling.Under deliver wind.Single cooling.R134a.DKBA0.480.2657.English&Chinese
06210374-004 2288.54 NS960SATA2SC2 SSD.960GB.SATA 6Gb/s.Read Intensive.S3520 Series.2.5inch.LE Series
24021495 45000.00 VRLA Battery3000 Rechargeable Battery. VRLA Battery(Gel). 48V. 3000Ah. 2V Cell. 576mm(W) *212mm(D) * 804mm(H). 24PCS. Shuangdeng GFMJ-3000
52430413 10385.00 HP12-65-D1M Microwave Antenna-A0U6S37HS-U6G-3.7m-HP-Single-Separate Mount-45.6dBi-0.8deg-PDR70-english
88031TRE 842.00 FS0SFSDCSA01 FusionSphere Platinum Edition.1 Year SA&S.per CPU
88033UMK 2600.00 UA2L00SCUL05 Standard Collaboration User License(1-50 Agents) Subscription and Support.1 Year
S4026219 0.00 EN3MCBLK21CH01 DC Cabinet Bus Bar-6000A
02081466 8.00 EJ01BFA09 10 Pairs modules
05051549 10896.00 SN2Z48FCTR-E Software Operation,FC Switch,License,ISL Trunking,for SNS2248
88031MPL 39800.00 TN5S00OCCL03 OSN 8800/6800-Optical Channel Connection License Per 10G Port
02231RPB 55.00 BYTFANSub BYT Project Fan subassembly
TPV40544 0.00 TPV40544 Remark
02350WTD 117000.00 CR5P5KCXP202 NetEngine5000E Cluster Connector Fiber 20m(24 fibers, Include High Speed Transceiver CXP2)
03031JYH 8904.00 CR5D00P2CF70 2-Port OC-3c/STM-1c POS-SFP Flexible Card
88031DVM 536.00 UA2SVOAGBA10 Agent Basic Function License(more than 250 agents)
03030REY 7200.00 CR2D000DE111 16-Port E1 Physical Interface Card(120ohm)
02350JPX 103.00 FB3KSLTSRK06 Rack-mounted splitter Cabinet-1U*482*269mm-NC purple grey-Sheet Metal-For 2:2 SC splitting
02231VQF 54.00 BT1CABMAT66 N66E cabinet engineering required delivery accessory
02115087 3100.00 H90B1T63E 2.2m Front-access ETSI Assembly Cabinet(-48V,60A) For BT
31188390 960.00 TN5I000DOC32 OptiX OSN 8800 V100R010C00 Product Documentation
01072486-001 8268.00 TP48200AHX09A501 Outdoor Power. TP48200A. 220/380Vac Three-Phase or 220Vac Single- Phase. 200A. 650mm(W) * 650mm(D) * 1000mm(H). Heat Exchange
3107G03X 1943.04 LIC-S2A-ISM02-UPG Device Management License for OceanStor Block S2600T to Unified S2600T Upgrade
14131235 16.00 F0PCD1105 Patch Cord-SC/UPC-SC/UPC-Single mode-G.657A2-3mm-10m-LSZH-armored-ODN
88033URS 1.00 UA2LCTISBF04 CTI Software Basic Function Package Subscription and Support.3 Year
88033UHY 9100.00 IC1LICPSRL06 ICP Screen Recording License Subscription and Support. 5 Year
21154033 200.00 DKBA40713646 Telecom Energy,ESC30,Pole Mounting Kit
02232FSJ 3850.00 H83MMA5821E4 10G GPON Remote Optical Access Equipment(AC.8FE.including single 10G GPON uplink module.including Installation Material and Document.Europe Power Cable)
88033KVA 129467.00 NSHSCORMGR03 eSight UC/CC Device Manager License-per 10000 CCS9000 subscribers
01072545-001 8056.00 ICC500HD2C5 Hybrid Power. ICC500. 220/380Vac Three-Phase or 110Vac Dual-Live Wire. 300A. Bottom Cabling. 770mm(W) * 1250mm(D) * 1825mm(H). Heat Exchange and Direct Ventilation
14132590 3.00 SC-APC-S-1 Patch Cord.SC/APC-/.Single mode.G.652D.0.9mm.1.0m.LSZH.ODN
82600899 1500.00 NSDSDO100G01 Optical Doctor Optimization System Software Fee Per Port(100G)
03056117 3200.00 ANDD00EM4T01 4 Channels GE/FE Electrical Interface Board
48010111 50.00 TT02812D.IR-SD(3MP) "Lens .auto Iris manual focus lens.1/2.7""-2 MegaPixel-F1.4-DC Iris.2.8-12mm.CS Mount.China brand"
02311HSB 1387.54 BC8M01BPNB CPU Module(including CPU board and CPU HeatSink.for E7 v3)
02350ETW 420820.00 MAX-00 HUAWEI MAX Presence Core Package
52262208 3023.00 GSAGEP1 General Electric Package
41020493 9952.34 EHSE52699 X86 series.FCLGA2011.2300MHz.1.8V.64bit.145000mW.Haswell EP Xeon E5-2699 v3.18Core.IT Product Dedicated
31188980 960.00 TN5I000DOC37 OptiX OSN 8800&6800A&3800A V100R011C00 Product Documentation
52430548 3545.00 VHLPX6-15-3WH/A Microwave Antenna.A15D18HS.15G.1800mm.HP.Dual.Separate Mount.46.2dBi.0.8deg.30dB.With English doc
88033URJ 2040.00 UA2L00SVUL10 Standard Video User License Subscription and Support.3 Year
88031HMV 250.00 SL9S00V1R501 Basic Software Package.V100R005(Per Subrack)
02113122 6642.00 H80B05F02F01 2.2m Front-access ETSI Assembly Integration Cabinet(-48V/-60V,C3PDB,Default Containing 1 Service Subrack,Maximum Supporting 2 Service Subracks)
88032FCU 1000.00 WM5SENERGY06 Energy and Environment Management Basic Software V300R006(per site)
02300908 28229.00 TN1K8AFB02 Assembly Subrack(OSN 8800 universal platform subrack,AC,without Rotatable Fiber Manager)
21241821 103.00 TP48600BIN7561 Cabinet top cover
88033JEL 3264000.00 LACSNSC08 Agile Controller DCN - 1000 Node. SW Subscription and Support. 5 Year
88032WTE 2400.00 TNWSS10GIL02 Smart 10G Interface License (Per Port)(for R8 and above version)
21139629 7.10 H80XBPMPLB03 Air Deflector Panel for Main Control Board Slot (Shielded)
02310JFD 156.00 ES0W2PSD0150 150W DC Power Module(Black)
01073411 4081.00 ESC710-D1 Battery Cabinet. ESC710-D1. 6-Layer Horizontal. 900mm (W) * 950mm (D) * 1925mm (H). Direct Ventilation. Bottom Cabling. Matching 48V 650Ah Max Battery Group
02311JFK 2339.21 BC1M023108 LSI3108 PCIe RAID Controller.RAID0. cache.PCIe 3.0 x8
04046401 19.00 T-120-8-D44-10 Trunk Cable,-45deg,10m,120ohm,8E1,0.4mm,D44M-I,2*120CC8P0.4P430U(S)
52440570 721.00 EHD0FD301 Microwave Accessory,Coupler,13G,UBR120,3dB XMC,With English doc
04045057 67.00 CADSL3223 Subscriber Cable,32 Channel ADSL Sheilded,30m,0.4mm,64 Cores,D64M,CC32P0.4P430U(S)-I
88990PPR 0.00 88990PPR eCNS610 Operation and Maintenance Training
52260824 173.84 GAMSPBAG1 Generating sets accessories. Engine Fuel System Spare Part Package. Fuel Rubber Pipe(6mm)
88031WCM 40000.00 UA2S00POOL00 CTI POOL Basic Function License
21211476 124.00 Cutting Shell-05 38G Antenna Adapter
02310NQT 4483.80 SLDMSITE01 RTN 905 Basal Configuration 4*GE(RJ45)+2*GE(SFP)+16*E1+2*TDM TDM Service Cascading Port+1*IF IDU Unit(-48VDC) Include IDU Installation Materials
14130640 17.00 FDLCUPC17 Optical Cable Parts,DLC/UPC,DLC/UPC,single mode,30m,2 cores,0.03m/0.03m,GYFJH-2G.657A2,7.0mm,2mm,LSZH,Armored branch
30040567 0.20 PLASTICBAG01 30040567_DRAen,Plastic Flim Bag, All Products,400*230*0.08
52260445 28620.00 DGYANMAR10KW Integrated DG set.10kW.1500rpm.Water Cooling.50Hz.230/400 Vac.Three-phase Four-wire.Outdoor.Yanmar Engine.EPM100-M2A.Maintenance Interval 1000h.Intelligent Fuel Tank.Chinese&English.1+0.ATS Outside the Cover.75db@1m.800L
88032UJY 500.00 NECS00V2R501 NE05E-S2 V200R005 Enterprise Software Package
01072447-002 15900.00 TP48200AHT15A502 Outdoor Power. TP48200A. 220/380Vac Three-Phase or 220Vac Single- Phase. 200A. 650mm(W) * 650mm(D) * 1600mm(H). Heat Exchange and TEC Air Conditioner
03030TJK 6800.00 ANDD0AVD8B00 8 Channels VDSL2 Interface Board with Bonding Funtion.Annex B Mode
23040250 41.00 WLCDMODULE02 LCD Indication Module,single LCD,FSTN,81.3X64.8X2.2mm,240X160 dots,Black on White,33:41,8.8mm,no TP,FPC conect,Power Dedicated
03056598 175000.00 CR5DLPUFE070 200G Flexible Card Line Processing Unit(LPUF-200)
02351MQG 6710.00 S5730-44C-HI S5730-44C-HI (24*10/100/1000BASE-T ports, 4*10GE SFP+ ports, 2*expansion slots, without power module)
52432495 325.00 A28S03MAC-4NX Microwave Antenna,A28S03MAC-4NX,28G,300mm,UHP-M,Single Polarization,Direct(XMC)/Separate(All RTN ODU) Mount,37.8dBi,2.1deg,30dB,With English doc,C4
88032GJB 2100.00 TNDS00V1R600 PTN 960 V100R006 Software Package
88032XXF 394.80 88V3-LHREP50 HyperReplication Software Capacity License(1-50TB)
03054852 2507.00 IT1DSESA02 15*2.5''HDD Storage Extend Romley EP Computer Node.CH222
98010716 8280.00 S6720-32C-SI-DC S6720-32C-SI Bundle(24 Ethernet 100M/1/2.5/5/10G ports,4 10 Gig SFP+,with 1 interface slot,with 150W DC power supply)
52431079 4538.00 VHLPX6-11W-HW1 Microwave Antenna.A10D18HAC.10&11G.1800mm.HP.dual polarization.Direct(XMC)/Separate(All RTN ODU) Mount.43.5dBi.1.1deg.30dB.With English doc
21150751 110.00 EN63BSMT01 N63B Support Mount Kit (Adjustable Height 270mm~410mm)
02311CFG 200.00 HW-2804V2-40 HW-2804V2-40
88141FLS 0.00 88141FLS VTM System Delivery Design Support Service
02350HXF 35737.69 55V3-48G-AC2-16 "5500 V3(2U.Dual Ctrl.AC.48GB.SmartIO.8*16Gb FC.25*2.5"".SPE33C0225)"
03056626 9232.60 FWCD00EBGF01 12-Port 100/1000Base-X SFP Flexible Interface Daughter Card
52450384 8355.98 F1530315CLA Full Outdoor MicroWave.RTN 310.15G.-3.F1530315CLA.315/322MHz.Sub Band C.Low site.H.14823MHz.14942MHz.DC.2.without doc.WR-62.H01
88034SCT 19200.00 CE88-LIC-AIF CloudEngine 8800 AI Fabric Function
88060TAS 211200.00 ICP20SCFAA42 ICP Invalid-call Filtering Service License Subscription and Support, 4 Year
52261823 2200.00 GSASPPK23 Generating sets accessories. Cooling System Spare Part Package. 4TNV88-GGE Engine. Water Pump Assembly and Thermostat. etc.
0302G367 7935.00 LPU4TOE10 4*10Gbps TOE I/O Module(4 Ports)
21540027 280.00 EN2ESUPPORT15 Energy Support,40m/s,70um, Expandable Steel & Aluminum Alloy PV Module Ground Pole Support Structure, 15 degree, Hot-dip Galvanizing
52450381 8355.98 F1530315BHA Full Outdoor MicroWave.RTN 310.15G.-3.F1530315BHA.315/322MHz.Sub Band B.High site.H.15040MHz.15159MHz.DC.2.without doc.WR-62.H01
52431603 328.00 SB1-250AXMC Microwave Antenna.A26S03HAC.RFS.26G.300mm.HP.Single.Direct(XMC)/Separate(All RTN ODU) Mount.36.4dBi.2.4deg.30dB.With Bracket.With English doc
04050095 28.62 CDVIVGA01 DVI-I switch to VGA-2M-for HD endpoint use
02311FRF 73.14 BC2M01IORC PCIE 1X8 Rear IO Board
88035NFF 6100.00 CR5S40SLIC10 NetEngine40E Slicing Function Package License (per 10G)
24022461 10791.00 BND2V1000AH01 Rechargeable Battery, VRLA Battery, 48V, 1000Ah, 2V Cell, 186mm(W) * 229mm(D) * 566mm(H), 24 PCS, Narada GFM-1000E
03030RUT 980001.00 TNU1N302T01 2*40G Line Service Processing Board (ULH.HFEC.Coherent.Tunable.50GHz.LC)
52430608 415.00 RFS-23G-Single-Compact -0.6m Microwave Antenna
31183605 960.00 SSNIENASON07 OptiX GCP Product Documentation(SDH)
02113061 1249.00 N63E Rack(2200x600x300mm) N63E Assemble Rack(2200x600x300mm)(322)
88030WVT 7600.00 NSHS0IPSEC02 eSight IPSec VPN License-Incremental 50 Devices License
03059120 420000.00 CR5D0E2NBA70 4-Port 50G/2-Port 100GBase-QSFP28 FlexE/MACsec Integrated Line Processing Unit(LPUI-242)
31188810 720.00 NSDIR15DOC14 iManager U2000 Northbound Interface Product Documentation
02355460 4273.92 S5300-28X-LI-DC S5300-28X-LI-DC(24 Ethernet 10/100/1000 ports.4 10 Gig SFP+.DC -48V.front access)
02300665 12075.00 SSN1SUBRACK01 Type III Subrack
81601391 68000.00 NDSS00EPTN03 TCAT-Packet Service Cutover Automated Tool Software for Windows
02358351 17490.00 TE40-1080P60-P-02 HUAWEI TE40 HD codec 1080P60. VPC600 HD camera(12x). VPM220 wired microphone array
52431616 503.00 SC2-320AXMC Microwave Antenna.A32S06HAC.RFS.32G.600mm.HP.Single.Direct(XMC)/Separate(All RTN ODU) Mount.44.2dBi.1deg.30dB.With Bracket.With English doc
02355272 12592.80 CE5850-48T4S2Q-EI CE5850-48T4S2Q-EI Switch(48-Port GE RJ45.4-Port 10GE SFP+.2-Port 40GE QSFP+.Without Fan and Power Module)
88067212 5580.00 IC1LCKUKAG02 ICP Multicenter Backup Service Package Subscription and Support, 2 Year
14130885 13.00 FIPCD4401 eID patch cord-LC/APC(with 14300019eID)-LC/APC(with 14300019eID)-single mode-G.657A2-2mm-1.5m-LSZH-R2 eID-iODN
06210331-006 2002.34 NS800SATA2SC2 SSD.800GB.SATA 6Gb/s.Read Intensive.S3520 Series.2.5inch.LE Series
03053653 6405.00 TNH2SL1D05 2xSTM-1Optical Interface Board(L-1.1.LC.Single Fibre Bidirectional.1550nm at TX1 & 1310nm at TX2)
02310QXT 502.00 OSH080N01 Optical Transceiver,eSFP,1550nm,STM4,-3~2dBm,-30dBm,LC,SM,80km
88033DNK 8000.00 CE88-LIC-VXLAN CloudEngine 8800 VXLAN Function
04090429 920.00 CHD100M03 Harness.F01D1000A.High-density Master Frame 64-port Subscriber Cable Harness.16-pair Exchange Side Strip
52260928 318.00 GAM25KVAC02 Generating sets accessories. Engine Spare Part Package. 4102 Engine. Oil Seal and Gasket
03054692 420000.00 CR5D00LFXF70 24-Port 10GBase LAN/WAN-SFP+ Integrated Line Processing Unit (LPUI-240)
02312BGG 35200.00 ANDMHOST1103 ATN 950B - 2 channels DC entries, with 160G CXP protection
34060693 6738.00 OSX070008 Optical Transceiver-SFP+-1611nm-9.95~11.1Gb/s-0dBm-4dBm--23dBm-LC-SM-70km
8170G0CQ 10254.00 LIC-S5A-CLONE HyperClone Split Mirror Function
52431512 226.00 VHLPX1-38-2WH/A Microwave Antenna.NEC.Andrew.38G.300mm.HP.Dual Polarization.Separate Mount.40.1dBi.1.6deg.30dB.With English doc
88032YJY 2128.40 FS0S5FSPSA22 FusionSphere Virtualization Suite Platinum Edition.2 Years Subscription and Support.per CPU
82400658 32000.00 ME0S000FPM03 ME60 IP Performance Measure License(IP FPM) for 100G Series Units
05110ABW 1.00 CA2eMPPack03 eMP Software Package for Windows
02232UUV 23.00 IFODU5DX501 XMC-5D Installation Accessories(5D)
81400471 5000.00 CE128-LIC-IPV6 IPv6 Function
21050481 2650.00 DKBA41206456 Single Door(convex door)_With package_With dust screen
21241086 2295.00 CE12816-DOOR CE12816 door
52431535 2328.82 A10S18HD Microwave Antenna.A10S18HD.10&11G.1800mm.HP.Single Polarization.Compact Mount.43.5dBi.1.1deg.30dB.With English doc.C3
50010156 1830.00 AR161FG-L AR161FG-L,1GE COMBO WAN,4GE LAN,1 USB,1 FDD LTE
31189623 240.00 CE128-DOC-17 CloudEngine 12800 and 12800E Series Switches V200R002C50 Product Documentation
04070299 10.00 CSIGN0001 Signal Cable.Expansion Signal Communication Cable.2m.D25F.CC13P0.48B(S).D25F
52431610 503.00 SC2-127AXMC Microwave Antenna.A13S06HAC.RFS.13G.600mm.HP.Single.Direct(XMC)/Separate(All RTN ODU) Mount.36dBi.2.7deg.30dB.With Bracket.With English doc
03021FYP= 1600.00 SPEN3DEI51IOBASP Basic IO Board spare part

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