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ProductNumber ListPrice ProductBand ProductDescription Actions
301-001382-01.P 0.00 Storage Cisco Non-Director Service Waived Acceptance
043-995753-01.P 0.00 Storage SVC VSP GXX0 Flash Pack 4 x 2.4TB 10K SAS HDD - WDB Mo
GRVR17-STD-3GSC-S.P 59.18 Storage SVC Mo Supt/Subs; VMWareGL vRealize Ste 2017 Std / PLU;3Yrs VMW Basic Spt
19674-M1-22.P 1.00 Storage ESS 36MO INIT NBU APPL 5340 240TB 4TB DRIVES CORP-ETHER 4 1GB - 6 10GB - 4 8GB FC
306-000496-01.P 330.59 Storage SVC Mo VMware Gbl vSAN 6 Advanced for ROBO (25 VMpack) 3Yrs SW Sppt
044-230370-01.P 0.00 Storage LPAR Essential Media Kit
DKC-F710I-MP.P 42690.00 Storage Processor Blade
BR-MENTAN-01.P 8600.00 Storage ADAPTIVE NETWORKING for Brocade 5300
PBPR001-0000.P 0.00 Storage Resilient Memory Architecture
044-230042-02B.P 4100.00 Storage VSP Oracle Recovery Mgr Adapter 2-VSD Pair Base License
044-230032-01B.P 50000.00 Storage VSP Resource Partition Manager 1-VSD Pair Base License
AFC00B00028.P 337.00 Server POWER SUPPLY 1200W Titanium; 100-240V
SB-ESIM-BS-F-S.P 0.00 Storage SVC Endpoint backup plus file share(20001+) users
044-230810-03C.P 4000.00 Storage Hitachi Data Instance Mgr. 1TB (above 10TB) Lic.
043-993037-01.P 21.43 Storage SVC VSP G1000 128GB Flash Cache 1Mo Yr-A PREM (permodule)
304-236158-020I.P 0.00 Storage SVC Mo VSP G800 -NAS SVOS -20TB Initial Purchase Block -SWSppt
5100SVC-SWMAINT.P 78.33 Storage SVRS Brocade 5100 Maintenance
TB9700.P 167.00 Storage Cable Guide Rings (kit of 5 units)
CON-SNTP-93YCF-AP.P 281.00 Storage C93180YCF Smartnet 24x7x4 - APAC
VATLPRPA.P 2587.00 Storage Hitachi Video Analytics License Plate Recognizer
FCX-FAN-E.P 420.00 Storage Fan assembly for the FCX-E SKUs
306-000704-1.P 96.45 Storage SVC Mo VMW Glb ThinApp 5 Ste 1Yr SW Spt
16055-M0548-20.P 116.69 Storage ESS 12MO FOR EV FILE MGMT WIN 1 TB LIC QTY 51 to 100ACD
044-230022-23BU.P 29830.00 Storage VSP Mobility Bundle 2 to 3-VSD Pair Upg of Base Lic
AMN62PLZ36-M.P 7.35 Storage SVC DWDM optics; 2.4G; GbE; 1G/2G interface; 1552.52nm Mo
304-236060-120.P 0.00 Storage SVC Mo VSPG800 - SVOS - 120TB Block - SW Sppt
SB-CM-USR-E.P 32.00 Storage File Search: Per User_ Perpetual_ Tier E (10_001-20_000)
IA-HCR-50.P 214840.00 Storage HCR 25-50TB Midsize SW license
F600-M-6R4FN.P 813500.00 Storage VSP F600 Medium Cap 6.4TB FMD DC2
304-230197-03.P 0.00 Storage SVC Mo HUS 130 Dynamic Tiering Lic - SW Sppt
040-100181-01.P 0.00 Storage UCP 6000 for SAP HANA (BDW) Scale-Up SUSE (6000-BDW07-200-BM-SU-SUP-M-APL) Media Kit
304-250017-14LU.P 0.00 Storage SVC VSP Replication Mgr 1 to 4-VSD Pair Upg of UNL 1M TermLic - SW Sppt
GLC-LH-SM=.P 1019.00 Storage GE SFP; LC connector LX/LH transceiver
BR-BES40-0008.P 284870.00 Storage BES Full Config (32P FC; 96Gb crypto; 32--8Gb SFPs)
DA-VM-VCB.P 500.00 Storage 1 iDataAgent for Windows Server and ProxyHost
304-230006-04B.P 0.00 Storage SVC VSP Compatible PAV for IBM z/OS 4-VSD Pair Base - SWSppt
043-994588-01.P 1565.42 Storage SVC VSP F1500 Foundation VSD Pair Premium Support 1 Mo
P-L12C-GDBL-WM.P 1410.00 Storage JP1 PFM - Remote Monitor - Oracle Mgr Lic Windows
P-L142-7GBL-W001L.P 120.00 Storage JP1 IT Desktop Mgmt 2 - Mgr 1 node ct Lic on Linux
1HY7ZCZ0003.P 1205.55 Storage HDD SASIII 4TB; 7200rpm; 3.5 inch (12Gb) - LFF Kit
304-230022-04B.P 0.00 Storage SVC VSP Mobility Bundle 4-VSD Pair Base Lic - SW Sppt
19720-M1-22.P 1.00 Storage ESS 36MO INIT NBU APPL 5340 720TB 4TB DRIVES - ETHER 41GB - 10 10GB
SD-5211-18646-PR13.P 3815.63 Storage SVC JP1 Network Node Mgr i Adv Upg Lic Prem Support Linux
043-992544-01.P 35.66 Storage SVC FMD VSP 3.2TB DRO Adder (Per FMD - 1 Mo)
044-231490-03.P 4650.00 Storage HUS 110 FM 4040 SW Lic - UMC 100TB
DF-F850-4HGDM-U.P 16090.00 Storage HUS 400GB SAS SSD SFF for DBS-Upg
051-000648-01.P 11250.00 Storage SVC Tuning Manager Health Check Service (s27)
044-220177-01.P 0.00 Storage AMS2300 ShadowImage In-System Repl. Base Kit
HS-A-1YR-A.P 4.00 Storage CVLT Email Arch as a Serv with 1 Yr Ret: Per Mail-Term (1-5000)
AMN62PMZH4.P 3458.00 Storage CWDM optics; 1.34G interface ( Span loss: 28dB); 1531nm
XBR-000163.P 280.00 Storage FRU; SFP+;SWL; BR; 8G; 1-PK
GLNXDCADVC1003PC.P 11000.00 Storage VMware NSX Data Ctr Adv Desktop: 100 Pack (CCU)3Yrs
044-250006-03L.P 1137.60 Storage VSP Comp PAV for z/OS 3-VSD Pair 260TB Upg to UNL 1MTerm Lic
043-994197-01.P 264.31 Storage SVC VSP F800 Small Cap 6.4TB FMD DC2 BLF DRO DiskRetention Option 1 Mo
FS-HWOMIMGMT-H.P 5865.60 Storage Management Server
044-220039-03D.P 46900.00 Storage USP VM Dynamic Provisioning Additional 50TB
306-000768-01.P 239.10 Storage SVC Mo VMware Site Rcvry Mgr 8 Ent (25 VM Pack) 1 Yr SWSpt
SD-5211-18644-PR-8.P 7843.13 Storage SVC JP1 Network Node Mgr i Prem Support Windows
DP-VM-100.P 6000.00 Storage Virtual Machine Protection; block of 100 VM licenses
100-102490-MM.P 18.00 Storage Monthly Maint for TCV-008LFLFLF-58-RP
BR-VDX6710-54VCS-01.P 1305.00 Storage VCS S/W LICENSE FOR VDX6710-54
GVAX57A2-6N0XR4Y.P 17418.00 Server MP Expansion Blade w/E7-8870 processor (2.40 GHz304 M;10 cores)
DKC-F710I-PLCC.P 660.00 Storage DKC Power Cord Kit (China)
HD-SX6-0002-Z.P 300746.00 Storage SX6 EXTBLD; 16 32G LWL SFPS;0 1/10/40GBE
044-236032-020.P 3600.00 Storage VSP G400-G600 - SVOS - 20TB Block
044-236174-03.P 13440.00 Storage VSP G400-600 - NAS Premium Deduplication
044-235009-01.P 0.00 Storage VSP G1000 Remote Rplctn for MF Media
16047-M0549-20.P 60.22 Storage ESS 12MO FOR EV LEGACY EMAIL INGEST WIN 1 TB LIC 51-100 GOV
043-995622-01.P 0.00 Storage SVC VSP G350 L Foundation Base Package - Standard Mo
DKC-F710I-HBFC.P 5800.00 Storage Device Interface Cable HBF
100-101309-HR.P 1444.00 Storage FiberInsight C-I-T Kit Cleaning Refill
044-250047-01B.P 354.93 Storage VSP Analytics 1-VSD Pair Base 1M Term Lic
044-231406-03.P 11256.00 Storage HUS130/150 File Module 4040 SW Lic - Read Caching
044-236238-03.P 1200.00 Storage F400 Hitachi Automation Director Base License
H1HY9ZZZ037T.P 9274.00 Storage T41S 2U 2.5in Bay Chassis
051-000661-01.P 5250.00 Storage SVC IND-Implem HDLM Advanced Sw - Onsite (t40)
RH00150F3-S.P 102.84 Storage SVC RH OS Server for SAP Apps Prem (2-CPU/2-VM limit) 3 Yr
B-ENT-PDI-S1M-ALL.P 0.00 Storage Pentaho Backline Support for ENT PDI Sub-Based Lic (1Month)
100-101312.P 575.00 Storage FI Test Cable Kit; (2) OM3 12 Fiber MPO(f)-LC 2M
AMN62PZKZZ.P 2520.00 Storage 2.4G interface optics; L-16.1/LR-1 interface
26-2200-03.P 193.75 Storage Monthly Sprt and Maint HSCR-Large Modular Class - SWSupport
GRVS6RBSTD253GSC-S.P 47.52 Storage SVC Mo VMwareGL Basic Spt/Subs for VMw vSphere 6 ROBOStd (25 VM Pk) for 3Yrs
044-231088-03.P 25275.00 Storage File Module 4080 HCP/Cloud/External Storage SW Bundle
304-236171-020.P 0.00 Storage SVC Mo VSP G800 - Unified Data Mobility - 20TB Block - SWSppt
GLCFENTPC.P 23995.00 Storage VMware Cld Fndtn Ent/CPU 1Yr
044-235003-040.P 101800.00 Storage VSP G1000 Data Mobility 40TB Block
304-222474-03.P 0.00 Storage SVC MO VSP G/F700 HPA Predictive Analytics 36 Term Entrprs-SW Spt
HDF-F850-12HGSS.P 1110.00 Storage HUS110 1.2TB SAS 10K RPM HDD SFF for CBSS/DBS-Base
GG-MC3SDC1X1-Y.P 190.17 Server SD Card
306-000391-01.P 148.50 Storage SVC Mo VMware NSX Adv for Desktop: 100Pk (CCU) for 3 yr -SW Sppt
LPE12000-M8.P 2136.00 Storage HBA-8Gb PCIe 2.0 Smart Optics; RoHS
044-236202-005.P 6000.00 Storage VSP G800 - Performance Analytics 5TB Block
GG-EC32402X1-Y.P 1854.00 Server E5-4610 2.4GHz 6C 15M QPI7.2GT/s 95W
306-000433-01.P 176.28 Storage SVC Mo VMware Glb Cloud Foundation (Per CPU) w/o NSX w/vSAN Ent 3yr SW Sppt
MCT2887-S.P 325.00 Storage SVC Red Hat OpenStack Stnd (2-skts); 1Yr
044-222165-03.P 5762.88 Storage VSP G1000 Data Mobility Open 10TB 24M Term Enterprise Lic
044-230268-02.P 0.00 Storage HUS 100 Performance Analytics Trial
044-230001-01L.P 103800.00 Storage VSP Basic Operating Sys 1-VSD Pair 220TB Upg to UNL Lic
304-230004-04B.P 0.00 Storage SVC VSP Disaster Recovery Bundle 4-VSD Pair Base - SW Sppt
051-000561-01.P 51895.00 Storage SVC IND-OS Data Migration - Host Base (i23) 26-30
044-230310-03.P 16300.00 Storage HAPRO Microsoft Bundle for AMS2100
MLXE-4-MR2-X-AC.P 43458.00 Storage MLXE-4; HSF; AC; MR2; FANS; FILTER
HDDS-0014.P 53500.00 Storage nTB Small Racked Red DL Base System-Brocade switch
QCI-CIE-OFFL-10.P 5000.00 Storage CIE - Offline Data Client Connector (10pk); per host
044-231065-03.P 9648.00 Storage File Module 4060 SW Lic - Virtual Server Migration
306-000445-01.P 208.62 Storage SVC Mo VMware Gbl Cloud Foundation (Per CPU) w/ovSphere w/NSX Ent vSAN Adv 3yr SW Sppt
16055-M0798-20.P 158.37 Storage ESS 12MO FOR EV FILE MGMT WIN 1 TB LIC QTY 6 to 10 ACD
308-100101-100.P 0.00 Storage SVC Mo VSP HDCA 100TB Block Lic - SW Sppt
044-221234-03.P 617.10 Storage VSP G600 Local Replication 5TB L1 Enterprise Lic
100-102267-MM.P 12.00 Storage Monthly Maint for ProbeSW-010 Lic
B-SCC-WS.P 1895.00 Storage Commvault - Single Server CC Bundle (Windows)
044-230881-02.P 0.00 Storage AMS 2000 Dev Mgr v7.5 Trial License
DA-MAC-OSX-1.P 500.00 Storage 1 iDataAgent for MAC OSX
304-250003-12BU.P 0.00 Storage SVC VSP Dynamic Tiering 1 to 2-VSD Pair Upg of Base 1MTerm Lic- SW Sppt
044-250018-03.P 593.28 Storage VSP Business Continuity Manager 10TB Base 1M Term Lic
ENT-DEV-S1M-1.P 417.00 Storage Pentaho Addl 1-Core for Enterprise T/D Subscription (1Month)
HDW2-F850-1R9MGM.P 5250.00 Storage VSP FXX0 1.9TB SSD
GRVRNIANXC3GSC-S.P 19.94 Storage Svc Mo VMware vRealize NW Insight Adv (per CPU) 3Yrs BasicSpt
SB-CFAC-1T-A.P 3500.00 Storage CVLT Clinical File Archive Core: Per TB-Perpetual(1 to 10TB)
304-230003-100P.P 0.00 Storage SVC VSP DynaTier 100TB SIO-III PROMO Block - SW Sppt
304-250047-03B.P 0.00 Storage SVC Mo VSP Analytics 3-VSD Pair Base 1M Term Lic - SW Sppt
1T-U-SRVR-2-S.P 0.00 Storage SVC 1-Touch Server Unix (2 CPU)
EXTSAFISVC-SWMAINT.P 270.00 Storage SVRS; EXT SW; Adv Accel FICON SW Maint; req'd w/EXTSAFI
CAB-9K16A-AUS=.P 38.00 Storage Power Cord 250VAC 16A; Australia; Src Plug AU20S3; Spare
304-222497-03.P 0.00 Storage SVC MO VSP G/F900 External Storage 24 Term Enterprise -SW Sppt
044-235030-01.P 0.00 Storage VSP G1000 Oracle Recovery Mgr Media
043-993951-01.P 208.88 Storage SVC VSP F600 Medium Cap 3.2TB FMD DC2 Standard Upg Yr-A1Mo
304-230551-03.P 0.00 Storage SVC Mo 110 FM-M2 Value SW Bundle - SW Spt
043-992023-01.P 2750.00 Storage HUS 150 Service Installation
RH00002-S.P 208.25 Storage SVC RHEL Virtual Datacenters; Std (L3 Only); 1 Yr Term
044-230155-03B.P 99400.00 Storage HAPRO SAP Oracle for VSP 3 VSD Pair
044-232017-02.P 0.00 Storage HUS VM Upgrade to BOS flash optimization (20TB) Trial Kit
044-230017-04L.P 26700.00 Storage VSP Replication Mgr 4-VSD Pair 280TB Upg to UNL Lic
043-994020-01.P 191.64 Storage SVC VSP F600 Small to Medium Cap 1.6TB FMD DC2 UpgradeWeekday Basic Yr-B+ 1Mo
043-995904-01.P 0.00 Storage SVC VSP G900 Foundation 4 x 1.2TB SAS HDD for DB60Package Package - Standard 1 Mo
043-995879-01.P 0.00 Storage SVC VSP G900 Foundation 4 x 600GB SAS HDD Package - WDB1 Mo
301-002279-01.P 0.00 Storage SVC Mo Hitachi NAS SW Lic - Cluster Name Space - SWSupport
304-230016-24BU.P 0.00 Storage SVC VSP Bus Cont Mgr Ext 2 to 4-VSD Pair Upg of Base Lic - SWSppt
051-000656-01.P 0.00 Storage SVC Remote Reporting for HTnM Software RPQ (p98)
DW-F850-1R2JCM.P 975.00 Storage VSP G900 1.2TB SAS HDD
304-236159-03.P 0.00 Storage SVC Mo VSP G800 - NAS Local Replication - Base License - SWSppt
F600-A-NAS.P 108400.00 Storage VSP F600 Optional NAS Advanced
304-236042-080.P 0.00 Storage SVC Mo G400-G600 - HSA Orcl Entrps Mgr -DB Clon - 80TBBlock SW Sprt
P-L12C-8NBL-WM.P 14120.00 Storage JP1 Service Support Starter to Standard Upg Mgr LicWindows
304-231210-03.P 0.00 Storage SVC Mo HNAS 4080 SW Lic - Enterprise Virtual Srvr (EVS)Entry Bundle - SW Spt
AMN62PTZ32-M.P 4.05 Storage SVC DWDM optics; 150M interface; 1532.68nm Mo
301-001760-01.P 738.75 Storage SVC Yr-B PREM Hi-Perf NAS HW 3100 FSA NIM2 Ultra Bndl
044-221109-KEY.P 0.00 Storage BCM Extended ELA - Frame Enablement Key
MCT2996F3-S.P 461.00 Storage SVC Red Hat OpenStack w/ Smart ManPrem (2-skts) L3 - 3Year
301-001966-01.P 1500.00 Storage SVC INST SMMU Brocade 5140 SW 40ports 40 SWL 4Gb BRSFPs Ent Bndl
GLVR6OADVC-PSSSC.P 2750.00 Storage VMware Glb vRealize Operations 6 Adv (Per CPU) 1Yr
044-236066-010I.P 1500.00 Storage VSP G800-Hitachi Remote Replicatn Ext-10TB Initial PurchaseBlock
044-222171-03.P 5065.39 Storage VSP G1000 Remote Replication MF 5TB 24M Term EnterpriseLic
GRVR6OSTC3GSSSC-S.P 19.80 Storage SVC Mo VMwareGL Basic Spt/Subs for VMw vRealizeOperations 6 Std (Per CPU);3Yrs
044-221186-03.P 313.00 Storage VSP G400 Local Replication 5TB Perpetual Enterprise Lic
CAL-CDCC-5-S.P 0.34 Storage SVC CAL- Contnt Dirctr Consldt Clnt 5000 -10;000
051-000744-01.P 0.00 Storage SVC Data Replication Hitachi NAS Platform RPQ (s78)
044-230034-03.P 4300.00 Storage VSP Hit Strg Adptr Oracle EM 11g 10TB Base License
DKC810I-CBXA.P 72460.00 Storage Primary Controller Chassis
JJLB3636002MFCI-S.P 74.70 Storage 50/125 LC/LC 2M 2f round SB 10gig OM4 LSZH
301-003749-01.P 50.00 Storage SVC PREM MDS 9148S 16G FC switch
051-100183-01.P 3000.00 Storage SVC SCP Connect Care up to 20 sites 1Mo
304-250046-050.P 0.00 Storage SVC Mo VSP HTSM for MF 50TB Block 1M TermLic -SW Sppt
NAIP1000-SWMAINT.P 71.67 Storage SRVS; B.N.A IP 1000 Backline Support
MM-DDO-2T-S.P 0.00 Storage SVC DDO for up to 1.6 GB
051-100227-01.P 0.00 Storage SVC Software-as-a-Service - Electronic Record Management
HIDSPM20KP-S.P 0.00 Storage SVC Mo HiDS Password Manager - Add On for 20000 Pack -Per User
HDW-F850-DBF.P 8480.00 Storage Drive Box (DBF)
SB-C-DAC-1T-F-S.P 0.00 Storage SVC Data Archive Core Feature Pack 1TB (251+ TB)
RH00199F3RN.P 0.00 Storage RHEL Svr-SAP HANA w/ Smrt Man (non-Prod)_Std_2 CPU_36Month_Renew
301-000883-01.P 64.00 Storage SVC PREM SW48000 16-port 4Gb blade 0 SPF Mo
GLS6SD1005PSSSCP.P 4500.00 Storage VMware Gbl Virtual SAN 6 Std for Desktop 100 Pack (CCU) 5yPromo
043-992749-01.P 0.00 Storage WMS100 Waived Contract Reinstatement
52030-00.P 0.00 Storage Scout Standby Server (Remote Only) 'value included in theunit'
304-231548-03.P 0.00 Storage SVC Mo HNAS - UMD - SW Single - SW Spt
NI-XMR-32-MR.P 8000.38 Storage NetIron XMR 32000 Management Module
304-236302-03.P 0.00 Storage SVC Mo N600 HPA - predictive analytics Lic - SW Sppt
100-100346.P 24000.00 Storage SANInsight Perf Probe; 2/4/8 Gbps FC; up to 8 Links
304-235004-080.P 0.00 Storage SVC VSP G1000 Local Rplctn 80TB Block - SW Sppt
040-100068-01.P 0.00 Storage UCP Select for VMware View - Media Kit
043-995737-01.P 0.00 Storage SVC VSP GXX0 Flash Pack 4 x 600GB 10K SAS HDD - PremiumMo
BR-EXTSAEX-01-Z.P 9653.00 Storage EXT S/W; Advanced Extension
AMN62TBZG3.P 31613.00 Storage 10G Transp card-3 w/o Client side tranceivers (SL: 24dB)
044-230002-13LU.P 245325.00 Storage VSP In-System Rplctn 1 to 3-VSD Pair Upg of Unlmtd Lic
GLNX-STD-P-SSS-C.P 1995.00 Storage VMware NSX Standard per Processor for 1 year
301-003824-01.P 250.00 Storage SVC INST Brocade ICX7450
DW-F700-DBL.P 6765.00 Storage HUS VM Drive Box (LFF)
GV-AR2LPF1X1-Y.P 1656.00 Server HVM License
MNT-STM-2000-L-1.P 256.88 Storage Support - Virtual Traffic Manager Enterprise Edition-1Gbps
AMN62PRZE4-M.P 7.35 Storage SVC DWDM optics; 2.67G interface; 1563.86nm Mo
301-003728-01.P 151.88 Storage SVC PREM Brocade ICX7750 Maint 1 Mo
P-L142-7FBL-W500.P 189410.00 Storage JP1 IT Desktop Mgmt 2 - Mgr 500 node ct Lic on HP-UX
RH00451F3.P 0.00 Storage RH OS Smart Mngmt Hyperscale Stand (5 Nodes) (L3) 3 Yr
044-250006-13BU.P 1016.64 Storage VSP Comp PAV for z/OS 1 to 3-VSD Pair Upg of Base 1M TermLic

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