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S26361-F4067-L1 12400.00 Intel PAC A10 FPGA Card
S26361-F3933-L820 870.00 Intel Xeon E5-2620v4 8C/16T 2.10 GHz
S26361-F3933-L590 3485.00 Intel Xeon E5-2690v4 14C/28T 2.60 GHz
S26361-F5710-L160 6447.00 SSD SAS 12G 1.6TB Write-Int. 2.5' H-P EP
S26361-F5580-E202 2750.00 PFC EP QLE2692 2x 16Gb Qlogic LP
S26361-F3640-L504 1470.00 PLAN EP X710-DA4 4X10GB SFP
S26361-F5658-E128 255.00 SSD SATA 6G 128GB M.2 N H-P
S26361-F3151-E300 33.00 Power cord 16A IEC320 C19->C20; 3.5m
S26361-F4051-E256 13320.00 Xeon Platinum 8156 4C 3.6GHz 105W
S26361-F5558-L80 211.00 LC tube set for CX400 Mx
S26361-F4610-L502 280.00 PLAN CP 2x1Gbit Cu Intel I350-T2
ETJ4SJHB-L 4388.00 JX60 S2 TLC SSD 1.6TB WI
S26361-F5705-L240 480.00 SSD SATA 6G 240GB Read-Int. 2.5' H-P EP
S26361-F2567-E676 6098.00 WINSVR RDSCAL 2019 50Device
S26361-F5540-E102 1430.00 PIB EP 100Gb 1 port EDR ConnectX-4
S26361-F4082-E110 896.00 Intel Xeon Silver 4210 10C 2.10 GHz
S26361-F3820-L200 620.00 HD SAS 6G 2TB 7.2K HOT PL 3.5'' BC
ETJ4NCEA-L 985.00 JX60 S2 HD SAS 14TB 7K2 12G 512E
S26361-F5726-E560 925.00 HD SAS 12G 600GB 15K HOT PL 3.5' EP
S26361-F3933-L351 2230.00 Intel Xeon E5-2650Lv4 14C/28T 1.70 GHz
S26361-F5294-L110 2637.00 40 GbE QSFP module (Brocade)
S26361-F2344-E317 3949.00 VMware vSphere EPL for 1 CPU w/o SP-3yr
S26361-F3896-L420 2875.00 Xeon E7-4820v4 10C/20T 2.00GHz 25MB
S26361-F2525-S399 40324.00 VMW Horizon 7 STD addon 100CCU&24x7 5yr
S26361-F4026-E208 410.00 8GB (1x8GB) 1Rx4 DDR4-2666 R ECC
S26361-F2567-L588 88.00 DG/DE Kit WINSVR 2016 Datacenter
S26361-F5709-L400 1991.00 SSD SAS 12G 400GB Write-Int. 3.5' H-P EP
S26361-F4051-L108 885.00 Intel Xeon Silver 4108 8C 1.80 GHz
S26361-F5651-L260 66.00 SATA cable4 for CX25y0 M4
S26361-F3956-L100 465.00 HD SATA 6G 1TB 7.2K 512N HOT PL 2.5" BC
S26361-F4082-L356 13320.00 Intel Xeon Platinum 8256 4C 3.80 GHz
S26361-F4082-E476 21870.00 Intel Xeon Platinum 8276M 28C 2.20 GHz
S26361-F5588-E960 1460.00 SSD SATA 6G 960GB Mixed-Use 2.5' H-P EP
S26361-F3933-L443 3340.00 Intel Xeon E5-2643v4 6C/12T 3.40 GHz
S26361-F3933-L730 1200.00 Intel Xeon E5-2630v4 10C/20T 2.20 GHz
ETJ4SCSD-L 2879.00 JX60 S2 TLC SSD 3.2TB MU
S26361-F3953-E401 380.00 PLAN EM 4x 1Gb T OCP interface
S26361-F3694-E3 5.00 Mirrored Channel Mode Installation
S26361-K1683-V108 1040.00 PY TX2550 M5 Tower 4x3.5' basic
ETJ4KM11-L 74.00 DX1/200 S3 miniSAS-HD cable1.1m x2
S26361-F2344-S757 1876.00 VMW Upg VSAN 6 STD to ADV w/o SP-1yr
S26361-F4055-E701 1190.00 SFP28 Optical Transceiver 25G SR E25GSFP28SR LC
S26361-F4082-L108 885.00 Intel Xeon Silver 4208 8C 2.10 GHz
S26361-F2567-E664 344.00 WINSVR CAL 2019 10Device
S26361-F5651-E230 316.00 LC Tube for CX2570M4 in internal RackCDU
S26361-F4082-L660 10416.00 Intel Xeon Platinum 8260Y 24C 2.40 GHz
S26361-F5650-L400 20950.00 PACC EP P4600 AIC 4TB
S26361-F2567-L678 12203.00 WINSVR RDSCAL 2019 100Device
S26361-F3961-E201 1260.00 FC Ctrl 8Gb/s 1 Chan LPe1250 MMF LC LP
S26361-F2344-E330 4221.00 VMW Essentials Plus Kit w/o SP-1yr
S26361-K1567-V424 2342.00 PY RX2540 M4 24x 2.5'
S26361-F5663-L102 2568.00 ISM 20-Node License V2
S26361-F5715-L153 25900.00 SSD SAS 12G 15.36TB Read-Int. 2.5' HP EP
S26361-F4051-L850 82.00 Cooler Kit for 2nd CPU
S26361-F2735-L510 28.00 SCREW SET IO-BOX Rack Mounting
S26361-F5535-E4 125.00 Extension Backplane 4x2;5' hotplug HDD
S26361-F3933-L399 7270.00 Intel Xeon E5-2699v4 22C/44T 2.20 GHz
S26361-F2735-E82 39.00 Rack Cable Arm 2U
S26361-F5635-L600 1040.00 HD SAS 12G 6TB 7K2 512E HOT PL LFF BC
S26361-F3896-L430 3895.00 Xeon E7-4830v4 14C/28T 2.00GHz 35MB
S26361-F2525-S213 1156.00 VMW vSphere 6 EssentialsPlusKit 24x7 Ext
S26361-F5243-L115 125.00 FBU option for PRAID EP4xx
S26361-F4066-E11 13.00 miniDP-DP adapter
S26361-F1592-L100 90.00 SAS3.0 cable upgrade kit for RX2530 M4
S26361-F2735-E71 39.00 Cable mgmt. lateral for asym. PC racks M
S26361-F3631-L201 1380.00 FC Ctrl 8Gb/s 1 channel QLE2560 MMF LCLP
S26361-F2525-S201 160.82 VMW vSphere 6 Essentials Kit 24x7 Ext
S26361-F2567-E673 795.00 WINSVR RDSCAL 2019 5User
S26361-F3210-L323 41.00 SAS cable 6GBit RX2540 8x3;5''
S26361-F2567-E577 7180.00 WinSvr RDS CAL 2016 50User
S26361-F4066-L13 24.00 DP-DVI-D Adapter
S26361-F4082-E376 16530.00 Intel Xeon Platinum 8276 28C 2.20 GHz
S26361-F5551-L130 330.00 HD SAS 12G 300GB 10K 512n HOT PL 2.5' EP
S26361-F4082-L346 5447.00 Intel Xeon Gold 6246 12C 3.30 GHz
S26361-F5589-L384 4700.00 SSD SATA 6G 3.84TB Mixed-Use 3.5' H-P EP
S26361-F2525-S247 12737.00 VMW vCenter Server 6 STD&24x7 5yr
S26361-F3933-L592 9030.00 Intel Xeon E5-2699Av4 22C/44T 2.40 GHz
S26361-F3909-E716 415.00 16GB (1x16GB) 2Rx8 DDR4-2666 U ECC
S26361-F3266-E2 50.00 DVD-ROM 1.6" SATA
S26361-F5733-E192 2780.00 SSD SATA 6G 1.92TB Mixed-Use 2.5' H-P EP
ETJ4SB8D 1054.00 JX40 S2 TLC SSD 800GB MU
S26361-F4026-L632 995.00 32GB (1x32GB) 2Rx4 DDR4-2666 R ECC
S26361-F4029-E170 725.00 Intel Xeon E3-1270v6 4C/8T 3.80 GHz
S26361-F5710-E400 1991.00 SSD SAS 12G 400GB Write-Int. 2.5' H-P EP
S26361-F2525-D277 901.90 VMW vSAN 6 STD DT 10CCU&24x7 3yr
S26361-K1596-V232 2355.00 PY TX2550 M4 Tower 24x2.5'
S26361-F3933-L492 11290.00 Intel Xeon E5-2699Av4 22C/44T 2.40 GHz
S26361-F5733-E240 545.00 SSD SATA 6G 240GB Mixed-Use 2.5' H-P EP
S26361-F5250-E201 1715.00 PCNA EP OCe14102 2x 10Gb LP
S26361-F1492-E140 66.00 Upgrade kit from 4x to 8x 2.5' HDD
S26361-F5243-E100 210.00 TFM module for FBU on PRAID EP400i
S26361-F3933-L320 900.00 Intel Xeon E5-2620v4 8C/16T 2.10 GHz
S26361-F3934-E615 1240.00 32GB (1x32GB) 2Rx4 DDR4-2400 R ECC
S26361-F3897-L641 3200.00 64GB (2x32GB) 2Rx4 DDR4-2133 R ECC
S26361-F3873-L501 165.00 SFP+ active Twinax Cable Brocade 1m
ETJ4NA2 750.00 JX40 S2 2.5 HD SAS 2TB 7k2 12G 512E
S26361-F3670-L400 650.00 HD SATA 6G 4TB 7.2K HOT PL 3.5" BC
S26361-F5551-L112 750.00 HD SAS 12G 1.2TB 10K 512n HOT PL 2.5' EP
S26361-F5705-L192 2508.00 SSD SATA 6G 1.92TB Read-Int. 2.5' H-P EP
S26361-F5706-L240 580.00 SSD SATA 6G 240GB M.2 N H-P
S26361-F3933-L490 4360.00 Intel Xeon E5-2690v4 14C/28T 2.60 GHz
S26361-F2344-L232 4814.00 VMW VSAN 6.2 ADV for 1 CPU w/o SP-5yr
S26361-F2525-D179 5887.45 VMW vSphere 6 EPL 1CPU&24x7 3yr
S26361-F5243-L2 515.00 PRAID EP420i FH/LP
S26361-F2567-L663 217.00 WINSVR CAL 2019 5User
S26361-F5644-L108 1288.00 Analog KVM SW 8port
ETJ4SAHB 4365.00 JX40 S2 TLC SSD 1.6TB WI
ETJ4KS30-L 156.00 SAS cable (MiniSAS – miniSAS HD) 3.0m
S26361-F5651-L550 1020.00 PLAN EM 4x 10Gb SFP+ OCP interface Intel
S26361-F5644-L501 134.00 KVM Adpter Cable-USB
S26361-F5560-L4 126.00 PDU cable extracting preventions set C14
ETJ4SJ4B-L 1461.00 JX60 S2 TLC SSD 400GB WI
S26361-F2525-D441 5312.00 VMW Horizon 7 ADV 10NU&24x7 5yr
S26361-F4051-E334 9960.00 Intel Xeon Gold 6134M 8C 3.20 GHz
S26361-F5551-L160 550.00 HD SAS 12G 600GB 10K 512n HOT PL 2.5' EP
S26361-F5644-E108 1288.00 Analog KVM SW 8port
S26361-F2344-S760 579.00 VMW Upg VSAN6STD DT10 to ADV w/o SP-1yr
S26361-F2567-L574 1110.00 WinSvr RDS CAL 2016 10Device
S26361-F3986-L402 347.00 QSFP+ passive Twinax Cable Fujitsu 2m
S26361-F4051-L226 3210.00 Intel Xeon Gold 6126 12C 2.60 GHz
S26361-F4051-E114 1280.00 Intel Xeon Silver 4114 10C 2.20 GHz
S26361-F2344-S769 8292.00 VMW Upg ESP to STD AK w/o SP-1yr
T26139-Y1968-L10 22.00 Cable powercord rack; 4m
S26361-F5651-E310 76.00 CX400 M4 Y-Cable
S26361-F5295-L620 70.00 SAS cable set for PRAID EP4x0i
ETJ4DB1 359.00 JX40 S2 HD Drive SAS 1.2TB 10k 12G 512N
S26361-F5672-L480 780.00 SSD SATA 6G 480GB MU SFF IN LFF
S26361-F4051-E370 19800.00 Intel Xeon Platinum 8170M 26C 2.10 GHz
S26361-F3986-E4 1530.00 SFP+ Module Single Mode Fiber 10GbE LC
S26361-F5651-L680 1234568.00 HDD covering plate
S26361-F5596-E201 1740.00 PFC EP LPe31000 1x 16Gb Emulex
S26361-F3267-E2 75.00 DVD-RW supermulti 1.6" SATA
S26361-F3846-L22 83.00 Risercard PCIe 2x x8 left
S26361-F4082-L438 9744.00 Intel Xeon Gold 6238M 22C 2.10 GHz
S26361-F2567-E610 5223.00 WINSVR 2019 DC 16Core OEM
ETJ4SBVC-L 5479.00 JX40 S2 TLC SSD 7.68TB RI
S26361-F5550-L190 720.00 HD SAS 12G 900GB 10K 512n HOT PL 2.5' EP
S26361-F5728-E130 330.00 HD SAS 12G 300GB 10K 512n HOT PL 3.5' EP
S26361-F3953-L411 1020.00 PLAN EM 4x 10GB SFP+ OCP interface
S26361-F3899-L12 190.00 8x 2.5” HDD kit SAS 3.0 BPL & cables for accessible drive area
S26361-F5712-E400 1280.00 SSD SAS 12G 400GB Mixed-Use 3.5' H-P EP
S26361-F4082-E218 2340.00 Intel Xeon Gold 5218 16C 2.30 GHz
S26361-F5639-L600 935.00 HD BC-SATA 6G 6TB 7K2 512E NON-HOT PL LFF
S26361-F5675-L240 545.00 SSD SATA 6G 240GB MU SFF SLIM
S26361-F2525-S413 38563.00 VMW Horizon 7 ADV addon 100CCU&24x7 1yr
S26361-F5589-L192 2780.00 SSD SATA 6G 1.92TB Mixed-Use 3.5' H-P EP
S26361-F2344-S708 2134.00 VMW Horizon7STD addon 10P CCU w/o SP-5yr
S26361-F3846-E22 83.00 Risercard PCIe 2x x8 left
S26361-F5651-E650 30.00 Opt. Right PCIe riser (CPU1)
S26361-F4054-E2 710.00 PLAN EP MCX4-LX 25GB 2P SFP28 FH
S26361-F5704-L960 1103.00 SSD SATA 6G 960GB Read-Int. 3.5' H-P EP
S26361-F5737-L160 3370.00 SSD PCIe3 1.6TB Mixed-Use 2.5' H-P EP
S26361-F5532-L560 925.00 HD SAS 12G 600GB 15K HOT PL 3.5' EP
S26361-F2495-L434 222.00 Upgrade kit from 16x to 24x 2.5"
S26361-F4026-L864 2440.00 64GB (1x64GB) 4Rx4 DDR4-2666 LR ECC
S26361-F5638-E800 1390.00 HD SATA 6G 8TB 7.2K 512e HOT PL 3.5' BC
ETJ4SC9C-L 1005.00 JX60 S2 TLC SSD 960GB RI
S26361-F5634-E190 590.00 VMware vSphere Embed. M.2 240GB
S26361-F2735-L286 116.00 Rack Mount Kit F2 LV
S26361-F4575-E61 55.00 single packed CX1640 M1 server
S26361-F4025-L400 5424.00 PY NVIDIA Tesla T4
S26361-F3847-E4 930.00 PRAID EP420e for SafeStore FH
S26361-F2567-L660 39.00 WINSVR CAL 2019 1Device
S26361-F4082-E215 2215.00 Intel Xeon Gold 5215 10C 2.50 GHz
S26361-F5709-E800 3420.00 SSD SAS 12G 800GB Write-Int. 3.5' H-P EP
S26361-F5700-L480 662.00 SSD SATA 6G 480GB Read-Int. 3.5' H-P EP
S26361-F3933-L530 1180.00 Intel Xeon E5-2630v4 10C/20T 2.20 GHz
S26113-F615-L10 440.00 Modular PSU 800W titanium hp
S26113-F574-L13 330.00 Modular PSU 800W platinum hp
S26361-F2525-S173 1596.00 VMW Upg VS6 ENT to VS6 EPL&24x7 1yr
S26361-F5727-L530 540.00 HD SAS 12G 300GB 15K HOT PL 2.5' EP
S26361-F3933-L850 1885.00 Intel Xeon E5-2650v4 12C/24T 2.20 GHz
S26361-F3552-L23 55.00 TPM 1.2 Module for Dual M2
S26361-F3750-E4 231.00 RDX Drive USB3.0 5.25" internal
S26361-F2525-S273 641.00 VMW vSAN 6 STD 1CPU 24x7 Ext
S26361-F3852-E1 65.00 PLAN AP 1x1Gbit Cu Intel I210-T1
S26361-F5550-L160 550.00 HD SAS 12G 600GB 10K 512n HOT PL 2.5' EP
S26361-F5733-E480 780.00 SSD SATA 6G 480GB Mixed-Use 2.5' H-P EP
S26361-F5560-L410 705.00 PDU BASIC 24A NEMA L6-30 36X10A + 6X16A
S26361-F2567-E630 389.00 WINSVR 2019 ESS 1-2CPU OEM
S26361-F5550-E190 720.00 HD SAS 12G 900GB 10K 512n HOT PL 2.5' EP
S26361-F5677-L240 545.00 SSD SATA 6G 240GB MU SFF NONHP
S26113-F574-L12 415.00 Modular PSU 800W platinum hp
S26361-F3752-E202 970.00 Eth Ctrl 2x10GBase-T PCIe x8 X540-T2
S26361-F3899-E208 150.00 Basic 2.5" kit for 8x SAS 3.0 HDD or SSD mounted in the bottom dri
S26361-F2344-S761 5726.00 VMW Upg VSAN6STD DT100 to ADV w/o SP-1yr
S26361-F2344-L352 3005.00 VMW Virtual SAN for 1 CPU w/o SP-5yr
S26361-F2567-L673 795.00 WINSVR RDSCAL 2019 5User
S26361-F5560-L5 66.00 PDU cable extracting preventions set C20
S26361-F3909-E615 235.00 8GB (1x8GB) 1Rx8 DDR4-2400 U ECC
APYISM0005 315.00 Infrastructure Manager Advanced Edition 1 Node License V3
S26361-F1790-E243 336.00 iRMC S4 advanced pack
S26361-F4051-L153 5940.00 Intel Xeon Platinum 8153 16C 2.00 GHz
S26361-K1618-V100 1164.00 PY CX2550 M4 air cooling
ETJ4NB6A-L 618.00 JX40 S2 3.5” 6TB 7k2 BC-SAS 512e
S26361-F2525-D167 26148.50 VMW vSphere 6 STD AK 6CPU&24x7 5yr
S26361-F3933-L460 2840.00 Intel Xeon E5-2660v4 14C/28T 2.00 GHz
S26361-F2567-E677 7898.00 WINSVR RDSCAL 2019 50User
S26361-F3210-L302 33.00 SAS cable 6GBit RX1330 8x2;5'
S26361-F4082-L540 19936.00 Intel Xeon Gold 6240L 18C 2.60 GHz

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