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MFG Part Number List Price Description Actions
HPE H8B35A4_ZAF 53719.00 HPE OmniStack 16-22c 1P Large Support
HPE H1K95A5_7HN 830.00 HPE XP24K Upgr Pwr Cont I/F MF Kit Supp
HPE H1K90A3_W1A 12437.00 HPE Arista 7050SX2-128 Support
HPE H8B37A4_X94 18936.00 HPE 3PAR 20450+SW Storage Upg Supp
HPE H4RN0E 349.00 Aruba 5Y FC 4H Exch AP-315 SVC
HPE H1K94A5_ZA8 54031.00 HPE OmniStack 8-14c 2P Large Support
HPE H8JZ6E 73.00 Aruba 4Y FC 24x7 SW E/R VolT2 IAP214TSVC
HPE H7J37A3_9LB 4590.00 HPE StoreOnce4100 Cap Upgrade Kit Supp
HPE H8B38A3_9EN 3434.00 HPE HP-UX 11i BOE Integ 8Skt PCL Support
HPE H7J36A3_QAT 477.00 HPE SL454X Gen8 Tray 1x Node Support
HPE H8B34A5_6X4 14674.00 HPE BCS c3000 Enclosure Support
HPE HT7A6A5_ZCR 6665.00 HPE RHEL SAP SolnVrtlDC 5y 24x7 LTU Supp
HPE U4QT8E 998.00 HPE 3Y FC NBD IMC UC Mgr Add1mntr SVC
HPE H9PY6A4_Y7L 215.00 HPE Aruba AP-365 Support
HPE H1K91A3_XDX 22419.00 HPE StoreOnce 5500 60TB Base Supp
HPE H7J32A3_YZ3 0.00 HPE SN6600B Switch Support
HPE HT7A5A3_YMM 1131.00 HPE SLES SAP Ultd VM 5yr Flx LTU Support
HPE H7J34A4_RYZ 26454.00 HPE Networks 6808 Router products Supp
HPE H7J35A5_TQE 5650.00 HPE CS 900 SAP HANA SAN Block Support
HPE HT7A3A4_6Y5 1381.00 HPE Superdome 2 - 8s Support
HPE H1K92A5_YRT 3094.00 HPE 3PAR 20000 Virtual Cpy 1TB Prov Supp
HPE H8B36A4_YQW 168471.00 HPE 3PAR 20850 OS Suite Base Support
HPE H7J37A4_W7P 34746.00 HPE DMF 6.x 10PB Capacity Support
HPE H8B35A5_ZCT 35773.00 HPE Aruba 8320 Switch Support
HPE H7J37A4_T6W 2171.00 HPE SGLX Advx86 1y24x7 PSL Flx Support
HPE H1K92A3_9EZ 4354.00 HPE HP-UX 11i DC-OE Integ2/4Skt PCL Supp
HPE H1XW1E 2286.00 HPE 3Y PCA 24x7 Aruba 2930F 24G 4SFP SVC
HPE H4NG4E 1470.00 Aruba 4Y FC NBD Exch S3500 24F 24p SVC
HPE JG538AR 179.00 HPE 1910-24 Reman Switch
HPE HT7A6A5_W4A 5117.00 HPE SY480 Gen10 Support
HPE H1K93A5_XXG 6244.00 HPE SAP HANA Applnc D3710 Strg Support
HPE H1JL6E 501.00 HPE 5Y FC NBD Exch Aruba 2530 48G Sw SVC
HPE L7F04AAE 55515.00 HPE 3PAR 9450 All-inc Multi-sys SW E-LTU
HPE H9PX9A4_Y7Q 109.00 HPE Aruba AP-304 Supp
HPE H8B35A3_6Z1 26567.00 HPE MDS 9200/9500 FCIP package Support
HPE H8B33A5_6EC 16174.00 HPE 4 Bay Rack Support
HPE HT7A3A5_XEV 15778.00 HPE Apollo 4510 Support
HPE HT6Z2A3_ZFE 8366.00 HPE NS HF20/40 to HF60 Hybrid Upgr Supp
HPE Q1H35A 52460.00 HPE 3PAR 20840 R2+SW Storage Upg Node
HPE TA753AAE 85657.50 HPE MP Ext Blade FICON CUP Upgrade E-LTU
HPE H7J35A3_1ZV 3533.00 HPE SW Applications Support
HPE H7J34A3_YNM 0.00 HPE 3PAR 20850 192GBCC/256GB UpNode Supp
HPE H7J36A4_YNP 1322.00 HPE 3PAR 20000 4p 16Gbps FC Upg HBA Supp
HPE H1K92A5_4VN 1259.00 HPE XP Perf Adv 1TB 7-15 TB LTU Support
HPE H1K93A5_QB3 12051.00 HPE ESL Partitioning License Support
HPE H7J36A4_XZ6 1010.00 HPE XP7 Infr Anlyt Adv 251-500TBLTU Supp
HPE H1K92A4_7GU 0.00 HPE UPS Less Than 3KVA Support
HPE H7J35A5_1ZB 1491.00 HPE Server SW Applications Support
HPE H7J37A4_QAR 14204.00 HPE SL454x 1 Node Chassis Support
HPE HT7A1A4_ZEA 5709.00 HPE NS AF20 All Flash Base Array Supp
HPE H7J32A3_WKQ 1335.00 HPE Aruba 2930F 48GPoE+ 4SFPTAA Swt Supp
HPE H1K94A3_WSQ 40342.00 HPE P9000 CA Sync252TB to Unltd LTU Supp
HPE H8B37A5_YRX 42126.00 HPE 3PAR 20450 Security Suite Base Supp
HPE U4LJ5PE 118.00 HPE 1Y PW PC 4H Exch MSR920 Router SVC
HPE E7Y10A 405.00 HPE 16Gb SFP+ SW 1-pack C Temp XCVR
HPE U3RZ2PE 13609.00 HPE 1Y PW FC 24x7 wCDMR F5000 FW SVC
HPE H1K90A3_WZT 18196.00 HPE HA-OE SG ClstrFileSysA05PSL32St Supp
HPE U2S30E 4275.00 HPE 3Y PC 24x7 75/95xxNetStrm mod SVC
HPE H8KB7E 116.00 Aruba 4Y FC NBD Exch VolT1 IAP 215 SVC
HPE H9PX3A3_ZBS 3047.00 HPE Aruba MCVA250 Cntlr LTU Support
HPE H8B37A3_RG0 1453.00 HPE P9500 Upgrade 1.6TB FlashModule Supp
HPE H8B34A4_XC6 6961.00 HPE Aruba ClearPass500 Vrtl Applnce Supp
HPE H7J37A4_YRW 551.00 HPE 3PAR 20850 File Persona Ste 1TB Supp
HPE H7J32A3_1P9 1825.00 HPE P2000 Snapshot 512 SW LTU Support
HPE H1K92A5_Q0C 47660.00 HPE 7510 Switch Support
HPE U3HX4E 3839.00 HPE 5Y FC 24x7 wCDMR Ad Svc v2 zl Md SVC
HPE H1K95A3_Q2K 10765.00 HPE 7500 SSL module w/500 lic Support
HPE H8B36A5_XZM 46632.00 HPE XP7 Gen2 Pmary DKC Support
HPE H1K90A5_YAK 24791.00 HPE Aruba MM-HW-1K Mob Mstr 1000 Supp
HPE H1K93A4_TPE 7853.00 HPE IMC VPLS/MPLS VPN Mgr Package Supp
HPE H7J35A5_W0T 41785.00 HPE Arista 7304X Support
HPE H1K95A3_2EB 11414.00 HPE SW Server Applications Support
HPE H7J35A3_XB3 8019.00 HPE Aruba AirWMaster Console Supp
HPE H9PX2A5_XAP 9215.00 HPE Aruba 7240XM Contro Supp
HPE H8B34A3_1MM 10532.00 HPE Proliant ML350(p) with IC Support
HPE H7J33A5_R4D 7884.00 HPE Networks 6602 Router products Supp
HPE H1K95A4_ST3 2298.00 HPE StoreOnce Sec Pk 45/5100 LTU Support
HPE H6TS8E 175.00 HPE 4Y PC NBD Exch IAP-305 SVC
HPE H7J34A3_YQ1 48640.00 HPE 3PAR 20800 OS Suite Base Support
HPE H8B37A4_W9E 66974.00 HPE OmniStack 10c 2P 12x1.92TB SSD Supp
HPE H1K94A4_XAM 23314.00 HPE Aruba 7240 License Supp
HPE H3FZ5E 5852.00 Aruba 1Y FC NBD Exch 7240 Controller SVC
HPE HA114A1_5ML 6650.00 HPE SGI 8600 System CDU Startup SVC
HPE U2J57E 952.00 HPE 4Y PC 24x7 Networks PSU SVC
HPE H7J37A5_YZJ 638.00 HPE 3PAR 8200 Data Opt Stv2 8PK Drv Supp
HPE H8B33A3_XNM 1502.00 HPE 5120 16G SI Switch Supp
HPE H8B35A5_WZG 16106.00 HPE HA-OE w/SG Storage Mgt A.05 PCL Supp
HPE HT6Z1A5_W6F 98448.00 HPE NS AF AFS2 Exp Shelf 92TB Supp
HPE H5WY5E 1279.00 HPE 5Y PC NBD wCDMR 2540 24G Swtc SVC
HPE H7J35A4_T9V 51506.00 HPE XP7 Auto LUN SW Unlim LTU Support
HPE U5XM8E 4275.00 HPE 3Y PCA 24x7 wCDMR 5500-24 SI Swc SVC
HPE H7J33A3_XNH 1369.00 HPE 5130 48G 4SFP+ 1-slot HI Switch Supp
HPE H8B33A3_9LB 2085.00 HPE StoreOnce4100 Cap Upgrade Kit Supp
HPE H8UM1E 2475.00 HPE 5Y PC 24x7 ED/R 3600 License SVC
HPE H1K94A4_XT6 3647.00 HPE Aruba WLAN SW VMC-TACT Lic Supp
HPE H8B34A3_W9R 9180.00 HPE VMw VSAN Adv ROBO 25VM 3yr Supp
HPE H1K91A5_T2X 28036.00 HPE Networks 12504 Switch Support
HPE H1K95A5_7J2 17134.00 HPE XP24K Upgr 8 GB Cache Memory Support
HPE H8B37A5_ZYM 3306.00 HPE VMw NSX Adv per Processor 5yr Supp
HPE H1K95A3_S7L 61.00 HPE 3PAR 7400 Adaptive Opt DriveLTU Supp
HPE H8B37A5_U2A 14027.00 HPE SO Rec Mgr StoreServe 10000 Support
HPE H8B36A4_W4G 149753.00 HPE Aruba IntSp StdEd1KEntPrp Support
HPE H7J37A4_QC5 37969.00 HPE ESL G3 Hi Density Module Support
HPE HT6F7A4_ZYC 75.00 HPE Aruba IAP 314 Supp
HPE H1K95A3_SLD 617.00 HPE 3PAR72 PeerMtn 24 Pk Dv LTU Support
HPE H8B38A4_SSR 95314.00 HPE StoOne 6500 88TB CapUp Kt Disks Supp
HPE H9PX9A3_XS9 416.00 HPE Aruba MST2HAC Supp
HPE H7J36A5_WYD 22380.00 HPE HA-OE w/SG SMS Oracle 8 and 16 Supp
HPE H1K91A4_ZAA 23423.00 HPE OmniStack 16-22c 2P XSmall Support
HPE H8Q90A5_Y89 454.00 HPE Aruba IAP-365 Support
HPE H7J35A4_YQ5 42552.00 HPE 3PAR20800 ReplicationSuite Base Supp
HPE HT7A7A4_SSR 88115.00 HPE StoOne 6500 88TB CapUp Kt Disks Supp
HPE HT7A8A3_TGM 3609.00 HPE IMC UC Health Mgr w/2-mntr Support
HPE H1K94A4_TAS 4229.00 HPE XP7 FlCpy SE SW 0-100TB LTU Support
HPE H8B34A3_SQ3 2224.00 HPE MSL6480 Data Verification Support
HPE H7J37A4_WKZ 9912.00 HPE SG Storage Mgmt A.05 PSL Supp
HPE J9627AR 2099.00 Aruba 2620-48-PoE+ Reman Switch:EU-en
HPE H8B38A4_WAA 35007.00 HPE Apollo pc40 Support
HPE H8A01A5_XAC 11454.00 HPE Aruba 7210DC Contro Supp
HPE H7J36A5_XX7 2695.00 HPE i6 Blade Processor Support
HPE H1K92A3_12C 31079.00 HPE SGI 8600 CDU Support
HPE H8B35A5_1ZR 4081.00 HPE SW Server Applications Support
HPE H1K92A5_7D1 447.00 HPE XP Tiered External 1TB 32-63TB Supp
HPE H1K94A4_YLH 293.00 HPE 3PAR 20450 Security Suite Drive Supp
HPE H1K93A4_4W5 36154.00 HPE MP Extension Blade 10GbE Upg Support
HPE H7J34A5_X7Z 620.00 HPE 3PAR 8000 600GB+SW 15K SFF HDD Supp
HPE H1L06A3_WAN 615.00 HPE Aruba 2930M 48G Switch Support
HPE HT7A8A3_T9L 1282.00 HPE XP7 Cont AccSt Ovr 500TB LTU Support
HPE Q8V55AAE 8503.00 VMw vSph Ent-vCloud Std Upg 3yr E-LTU
HPE H8B35A3_XWR 17110.00 HPE BL920s Gen9 Svr Blade Support
HPE H9PX9A5_XAF 9513.00 HPE Aruba 7220 Controller Supp
HPE H1K94A3_SDF 52.00 HPE 3PAR7440c/50Virtl Copy Drv LTU Supp
HPE HT7A1A5_X5S 4612.00 HPE NS 2x1GbE 4p / 4x10GbE 2p Adptr Supp
HPE H9PY0A3_X7S 318.00 HPE Aruba 7010 License Supp
HPE H8B33A3_9LS 6228.00 HPE B-Series 8/24c Switch PowerPK Supp
HPE U3GN6E 8387.00 HPE 4Y FC 24x7 582x Swt products SVC
HPE H1K95A5_7EB 4416.00 HPE XP FlashCopy 1TB 512-1023TB LTU Supp
HPE H7J36A3_1NC 12887.00 HPE 1606 Switch FICON CUPAcclerator Supp
HPE H8B36A3_RDM 4325.00 HPE 3PAR 7400 Security Suite Base Supp
HPE H7J37A3_Y0J 1415.00 HPE ProLiant DL60 Gen9 Support
HPE H8B34A5_XP1 2239.00 HPE Aruba 2920 24G POE Switch Supp
HPE HG932A3_7GV 0.00 HP UPS Equal 3VA Less Than 6KVA Supp
HPE HT7A5A5_SSZ 19977.00 HPE StoreOnce 4900/5500 Sec Pack Supp
HPE H8B34A4_TFN 15056.00 HPE CS 500 SAPHANA 14TB StrgBlock Supp
HPE H1K94A4_XC9 1606.00 HPE Aruba ClearPEnt 100 EP Supp
HPE H7J34A5_2Q2 2132.00 HPE P9000 Tuning Mgr SW 101-250TB Supp
HPE H8B36A3_QP2 602.00 HPE Server SW Applications Support
HPE H7J33A3_Y21 79996.00 HPE Aruba ClearPassNLOG 50KEP LTU Supp
HPE H8B37A5_YUA 11216.00 HPE 3PAR 8200 OS Suite Base Support
HPE H8A01A5_WAK 1301.00 HPE Aruba MM-VA-50VM Master Appl Support
HPE H1L05A3_RDG 1633.00 HPE 3PAR 7400 Virtual Copy Base LTU Supp
HPE H8A01A3_W4X 17978.00 HPE Aruba IntSpt 1550 HW Appl Support
HPE H1K95A3_X6D 419.00 HPE XP7 2.4TB 10K 2.5in SAS Upg HDD Supp
HPE H1K93A3_TRX 7452.00 HPE StoreFab DCBBDir 16G CoreBld Support
HPE U3PV1E 9051.00 HPE 1Y FC 24x7 10504 Switch SVC
HPE H8B36A4_TC8 1432.00 HPE XP7 Perf Adv SW 0-100TB LTU Support
HPE H9PX9A4_Y7Y 39.00 HPE Aruba IAP-207 Supp
HPE H1K94A3_7ES 1216.00 HPE XP UR 4x4 Ext CT 1TB 64-127TB Supp
HPE H7J32A4_R3Z 10569.00 HPE Networks 66xx Router products Supp
HPE H8B33A4_Z9D 7966.00 HPE Aruba 2930M-SR POE Support
HPE HT7A2A3_W6Z 2330.00 HPE NS 6x10GbE 2p Adptr Supp
HPE U4UL4PE 1444.00 HPE 1Y Ren PC NBD 5406R Swtch SVC
HPE H4FK8PE 158.00 Aruba 1Y PW FC NBD Exch MST2HAC SVC
HPE H8B35A3_WSJ 29992.00 Hitachi HDLM VMware Unl Server LTU Supp
HPE HT7A8A5_TRT 32704.00 HPE 16 Gb DC04 SAN Director Support
HPE HT7A8A3_WFE 6980.00 HPE 3PAR 9000 3.84TB+SW SFF FE SSD Supp
HPE H9PX9A3_Y1Z 47164.00 HPE Aruba ClearPassNLOB 25KUSR LTU Supp
HPE H1L05A1_U3M 367.00 HPE StoreOnce 2900 24TB Backup Support
HPE 768612-B21 2989.00 HP XL2x0 Gen9 E5-2667v3 Kit
HPE U3VY2E 38733.00 HPE 4Y FC NBD wCDMR 9508 Swt pdt SVC
HPE H7J34A3_SDM 59.00 HPE 3PAR7440c/50Virtl Dom Drv LTU Supp
HPE H7J37A4_U2N 41024.00 HPE SN8500C 4slot 16Gb FC Director Supp
HPE H7J34A4_XWE 5445.00 HPE Mlnx IB Edr Fab BD Support
HPE H1K93A4_XY2 20257.00 HPE 3PAR 20840 Remote Copy Ext Base Supp
HPE H8B35A3_XQH 72629.00 HPE Aruba ClearPGM25K EP Supp
HPE H7J35A5_7CQ 2707.00 HPE XP Tiered Storage Mgr 1TB 0-6TB Supp
HPE H8B38A3_Y24 49684.00 HPE OmniStack 8-14c 2P XL Support
HPE H1K91A3_Q2E 8347.00 HPE 95/75xx VPN Firewall module Support
HPE HT7A8A3_6VM 535.00 HPE SW Manuals Support
HPE H1K94A5_79K 1414.00 HPE XP CV AE 1TB 128-255TB LTU Support
HPE H3DM0E 52632.00 HPE 4Y PCA CTR wCDMR 7205 Cntrl TAA SVC
HPE H8B35A5_YQN 14280.00 HPE 3PAR 20800 Biz Cont Suite Base Supp
HPE H1K90A4_13P 8411.00 HPE CV Upg to Unlim LTU Support
HPE H7J36A3_TCV 26349.00 HPE XP7DynLinkMgr SolarisUnl LTU Support
HPE H8A01A4_XS4 42.00 HPE Aruba License PEF Contro Supp
HPE H1K91A3_WAL 1288.00 HPE Aruba 2930M 24G Switch Support
HPE H8B38A4_XAM 28981.00 HPE Aruba 7240 License Supp
HPE H1K91A3_1MH 1146.00 HPE MatrixOE w/IC Support
HPE HT7A6A4_TGU 174990.00 HPE FF 12518E Switch Support
HPE J9944A 50.00 HPE 2.5M C15 to C14 Pwr Cord
HPE U9V64E 4419.00 HPE 5Y PC NBD wCDMR ONE Adv zl mod SVC
HPE H8B36A3_QB4 9666.00 HPE ESL E-SKM Encryption KeyLicense Supp
HPE H8B36A3_2ED 18264.00 HPE SW Server Applications Support
HPE H1K94A4_X9A 827.00 HPE 3PAR 20000 600GB+SW 15K FE HDD Supp
HPE H8B35A3_TAL 2950.00 HPE XP7 FlCpy Mirr SW 101-250TB LTU Supp
HPE H7J32A3_87K 15166.00 Cisco MDS9500 Mainframe Connect LTU Supp
HPE H1K95A3_4SF 20576.00 HPE IR for DC SAN Backbone Support

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