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MFG Part Number List Price Description Actions
HPE H7J37A3_XA3 14115.00 HPE Aruba 7030-K12 Supp
HPE H1K93A3_XNM 1288.00 HPE 5120 16G SI Switch Supp
HPE JD362AR_0D1 0.00 Factory integrated
HPE H7J35A4_R4G 4084.00 HPE Networks 95/75xx VPN NetStr mod Supp
HPE HT7A8A5_WZR 22107.00 HPE HA-OE SGClstrFileSysA05PSL2+4St Supp
HPE H1L05A3_YP6 0.00 HPE 3PAR 20000 1.2TB 10K SFF UpgHDD Supp
HPE H1K95A5_1XX 14676.00 HPE SG Storage Management PSL Support
HPE H8B36A5_ZXS 52226.00 HPE Aruba Adv Crypto 1024 Sess LTU Supp
HPE H8B35A5_YNH 55884.00 HPE 3PAR StoreServ 20000 8N Base Support
HPE U3VU4E 4116.00 HPE 4Y FC NBD wCDMR S5000-A5 VPN Mod SVC
HPE HT7A5A5_1XC 14855.00 HPE Server SW Applications Support
HPE H1L05A3_X9F 197.00 HPE 3PAR 20000 2TB+SW 7.2K SFF HDD Supp
HPE HA113A1_5P5 875.00 HPE Install XP7 P9500 Software Service
HPE HA110A4_8SC 895.00 HP FSE cap 21-100TB SW Support
HPE HT7A2A1_W6V 512.00 HPE NS 4x10GBASE-T 2p Adptr Supp
HPE H2XT9E 211835.00 HPE 4Y PCA 24x7 ClearPass OG 50K SVC
HPE TB581AC 1760.00 HPE P9000 CV Adv Ed SW 1TB 31-50TB LTU
HPE H9BX2E 5818.00 Aruba 3Y FC NBD Exch 10G Sw HW SVC
HPE HT7A7A4_WYS 22628.00 HPE HA-OE w/SG SMS Oracle 32 PSL Support
HPE H1K93A5_TPZ 109.00 HPE CS iLO Adv 3yr TSU LTU Support
HPE H8B35A5_TT0 6225.00 HPE MSA 2040 Perform Auto Tier Support
HPE H1K92A3_S6P 13.00 HPE 3PAR 7200 Security SteDrive LTU Supp
HPE Q0R47A 1.00 HPE RA for Virtualization Others
HPE H1K93A5_7J0 495.00 HPE XP24K Upgr Cache Memory Adapter Supp
HPE H9PX9A5_W9V 150.00 HPE Aruba 7005 License Supp
HPE HT7A4A4_T53 2851.00 HPE IMC WSM Comp Svc Pckage E-LTU Supp
HPE H1L06A4_QBT 4480.00 HPE Catalyst 4400 LTU Support
HPE H7J33A5_RYX 16725.00 HPE Networks 6802 Router products Supp
HPE H8B33A3_YZ0 1820.00 HPE SV VSA 2014 10TB LTU Support
HPE H7J34A4_R3B 6560.00 HPE Networks 8206zl Switchw/Prem SW Supp
HPE U0TY5E 6185.00 HPE 4Y FC CTR wCDMR HPE 5510 48G 4SF SVC
HPE H1K93A3_2S8 47.00 HPE P9500 Upgr 16GB Cache Mem Mod Supp
HPE H7J35A4_R9L 756.00 HPE Aruba MC-VA-10 VMC E-LTU Support
HPE H1K93A3_YP0 136.00 HPE 3PAR 20000 600GB 15K SFF UpgHDD Supp
HPE U3KR5E 49349.00 HPE 3Y FC CTR wCDMR 9508 Swt pdt SVC
HPE J9306AR_ABA 824.00 U.S. - English localization
HPE HT7A3A3_T2T 333.00 HPE Networks MSR931 Router Support
HPE H9BE1E 46931.00 Aruba 3Y FC CTR wCDMR ISpect 1500 HW SVC
HPE H1K95A4_YMC 2478.00 HPE XP7 CA to 3DC HA 1TB Ent LTU Support
HPE H7J35A3_SSK 6412.00 HPE B-Series 8/16GB High FV LTU Support
HPE 871136-071 364.00 MS WS16 Ess FIO UEFI es SW
HPE H7J35A5_YSL 6009.00 HPE Monitor SDN App E-LTU Support
HPE H7J34A3_R2X 1139.00 HPE ProLiant ML350e Support
HPE H8B36A3_XZ6 1018.00 HPE XP7 Infr Anlyt Adv 251-500TBLTU Supp
HPE H1K92A4_YZS 347.00 HPE 3PAR 8200 Peer Motion 8PK Drive Supp
HPE HT7A5A5_Y23 41015.00 HPE OmniStack 8-14c 1P XL Support
HPE H1K94A3_4VZ 16137.00 HPE 1606 Full and PP Ext Switch Support
HPE BB874A 5185.00 HPE LTO-7 Ultrium 15000 Ext Tape Drive
HPE H6DE1E 37.00 Aruba 3Y FC 24X7 EDU/R SW IAP 204 SVC
HPE H9PX0A3_XAK 32685.00 HPE Aruba 7240 Controller Supp
HPE H1K95A5_QC1 3605.00 HPE MSL TapeAssure Adv Lic Support
HPE H1K93A4_TRV 10405.00 HPE 48-port 16 Gb Director Blade Support
HPE H1K94A5_7HM 690.00 HPE XP24K Power Control I/F MF Kit Supp
HPE H1K91A4_WYL 3616.00 Server SW Applications Support
HPE H7J37A5_T7V 2139.00 HPE XP7 Upg Small Backup Mem Kit Support
HPE HT7A8A5_W9A 68273.00 HPE OmniStack 18c 2P 9x1.92TB SSD Supp
HPE H7J34A4_W7K 5800.00 HPE DMF 6.x 100TB Capacity Support
HPE U6A16E 12341.00 HPE 5Y PC NBD 5920AF-24XG Switch SVC
HPE U3MU5E 3562.00 HPE 5Y FC NBD Exch 580x-24 Swt pdt SVC
HPE H9PX9A4_XS1 156.00 HPE Aruba IAP 325 TAA Supp
HPE H9PX0A4_ZYG 827.00 HPE Aruba VMC Virtl Cntrlr TAA Supp
HPE 834496-B21 9989.00 HPE SY 620/680 Gen9 E7-8893v4 Kit
HPE HA124A1_5PR 250.00 HPE Startup XP7 P9500 Upgd Depl SVC
HPE H7J36A4_YSY 2681.00 HPE VSI BASIC Concurrent Support
HPE H1L05A1_QPM 2378.00 HPE P10000 3PAR V400 Base Support
HPE H9PX7A3_XC6 1390.00 HPE Aruba ClearPass500 Vrtl Applnce Supp
HPE H8B37A5_XYU 14027.00 HPE RMC-O 3PAR 10/20xxx Supp
HPE H8B38A5_TQG 79060.00 HPE Apollo a6000 Support
HPE H8B37A4_8NR 33463.00 HPE MDS 9500 FabricManagerServerLic Supp
HPE U4AM8E 336.00 HPE 3Y FC 24x7 IMC IVM 25 NdPack Add SVC
HPE H1K92A5_WJP 573.00 HPE Synergy Composer Supp
HPE HT7A1A5_W7A 971.00 HPE NS 2x1GbE 4p Adptr Supp
HPE H8B38A4_TQG 63927.00 HPE Apollo a6000 Support
HPE H7J32A4_2C2 251.00 HPE Networks SW Group 120 License Supp
HPE H7J32A5_WJX 1369.00 HPE Synergy Image Streamer Supp
HPE JW801A 1695.00 Aruba AP-335 Dual 4x4:4 11ac 2.5GbE AP
HPE H1K94A5_W4Z 13382.00 HPE Apollo 20 Support
HPE H7M68A1 30250.00 HPE 3PAR StoreServ Dat Mig 20TB10Svr SVC
HPE HT7A5A4_6Y5 2017.00 HPE Superdome 2 - 8s Support
HPE H8B33A4_X0Z 1997.00 HPE SY480 Exp Module Support
HPE HT7A2A4_ZF9 3690.00 HPE NS HF40/60 2.88TB Cache Supp
HPE H1L06A1_XAB 1602.00 HPE Aruba 7210 License Supp
HPE H7J34A5_YT1 13653.00 HPE VSI CMS Code Mgmt Sys Support
HPE H8B37A3_X6A 9795.00 HPE SO 5500 Memory Upg Support
HPE U5VE3E 618.00 HPE 4Y PCA CTR MSR2003 Router SVC
HPE U1YT5E 2797.00 HPE 1Y FC 4H Exch 8212zl SVC
HPE H7J32A4_U3K 34757.00 HPE SN4000B 40G WAN Upgrade Support
HPE H8B36A3_QB4 9666.00 HPE ESL E-SKM Encryption KeyLicense Supp
HPE H1L06A3_XCN 232.00 HPE 3PAR 8400 Virtual Copy 8PKDrive Supp
HPE H1YV2E 4550.00 HPE 5Y PCA 24x7 wCDMR 2930F24G4SPPOE SVC
HPE H8B38A4_XPY 12163.00 HPE Aruba 3810M 40G8SR PoE1Sl Swt Supp
HPE H1K92A5_YU8 617.00 HPE 3PAR 8000 6TB 7.2K SFF FE HDD Supp
HPE H1K90A3_6G9 1888.00 B3929/B9116/B9117/B9118 PPL Support
HPE H1K92A3_TT5 2594.00 HPE ProLiant DL360 Gen9 Support
HPE H8B35A3_1X0 13024.00 HPE HP-UX 11i HAOE Integ 2Skt/4Core Supp
HPE HT7A4A5_YZ5 12466.00 HPE SN6600B PP Up LTU Support
HPE H8B36A3_SSR 41064.00 HPE StoOne 6500 88TB CapUp Kt Disks Supp
HPE H8B35A3_U2W 101.00 HPE XP7 6TB 7.2k 3.5in SAS HDD Upg Supp
HPE HT7A8A3_TAU 2494.00 HPE XP7 FlCpy SE SW 251-500TB LTU Supp
HPE H1HZ1E 2587.00 HPE 3Y PCA CTR wCDMR Aruba 2530 24G- SVC
HPE H8B37A5_STL 42115.00 HPE SN8500C 48-port FCoE Module Support
HPE H8B34A5_YJ8 12409.00 HPE 1920S 48G 4SFP PoE Support
HPE H1K93A3_SL7 771.00 HPE 3PAR72 Rem Cpy 24 Pk Dv LTU Support
HPE H9PY6A5_XAD 17849.00 HPE Aruba 7210-K12-128 Supp
HPE H1K94A3_ST2 360.00 HPE StoreOnce 2/3000 SecPack LTU Support
HPE U3GF1E 85018.00 HPE 3Y FC 24x7 12518 Swt products SVC
HPE H1K91A5_X01 828.00 HPE HPSD price band 1 CDMR Service
HPE 861590-B21 1429.00 HPE 8TB SAS 7.2K LFF SC He 512e DS HDD
HPE H7J33A5_ZDJ 2570.00 HPE Aruba 2930F 48GPoETAA 740W Swt Supp
HPE H7J37A4_YST 22273.00 HPE VSI HAOE 4S Support
HPE H8B37A3_XD6 10091.00 HPE XP7 16p 16Gbps MF SW Fibre CHA Supp
HPE H3FN3E 112758.00 HPE 5Y PCA CTR wCDMR 7220 Cntrl TAA SVC
HPE HT7A5A4_WKT 2400.00 HPE OJFS 6.1 IPF 8+ Skt PCL Supp
HPE H7J35A3_RWF 19619.00 HPE SN8500C Ent Package Lic Support
HPE K2R11A 4293.00 HPE StoreEasy 1450 Strg
HPE H1L05A4_YW9 99.00 HPE 3PAR 8440 Adaptive Opt Drive Support
HPE H1K93A5_SVY 259.00 HPE 425 Wireless 802.11 AP Support
HPE H1K93A5_Y0L 3107.00 HPE ProLiant ML150 Gen9 Support
HPE H5GX6E 35810.00 Aruba 4Y FC CTR 7205-K12 64AP SVC
HPE H5HR3E 108884.00 HPE 4Y PCA NBD wCDMR 7210-K12 256AP SVC
HPE HT7A3A3_W2N 29253.00 HPE Arista 7280SE-72 Support
HPE H7J34A5_U3M 4564.00 HPE StoreOnce 2900 24TB Backup Support
HPE H1K94A3_XYQ 1497.00 HPE StoreOnce VSA 10-20TB Cap Upg Supp
HPE H1K95A1_QYD 512.00 HPE 3PAR 10800 VrtCpy to ReplSt LTU Supp
HPE H7J32A3_QB4 3866.00 HPE ESL E-SKM Encryption KeyLicense Supp
HPE H8B36A3_TRU 6821.00 HPE 32-port 16Gb Director Blade Support
HPE H7J34A5_XNK 4115.00 HPE 5130 48G PoE+ 4SFP 1-slt HI Swt Supp
HPE HT7A7A3_9F7 1206.00 HPE HP-UX 11i BOE Integ 2Skt/2Core Supp
HPE HT7A8A4_XD9 24586.00 HPE XP7 Upg16p 16Gbps MF LWFibreCHA Supp
HPE H1K91A5_7GW 0.00 HPE UPS Equal/Greater Than 6KVA Support
HPE HT7A6A3_14C 4123.00 HPE D2000 Disk Enclosure Support
HPE H1K92A4_TGC 592.00 HPE P9000 Amste Ovr 400TB Entr LTU Supp
HPE HT7A5A3_TCT 31872.00 HPE XP7DynLinkMgrAdv AIX Unl LTU Support
HPE Q1E25A 236672.00 Brocade X68-SVS-PRTF-5 LTU
HPE H9PY0A4_XS4 40.00 HPE Aruba License PEF Contro Supp
HPE H8B38A3_9K2 14876.00 HPE BLc Matrix Software Support
HPE H8LC7E 78.00 Aruba 3Y FC 24x7 SW E/R VolT2 IAP228TSVC
HPE HT7A7A4_T8F 304.00 HPE XP7 Upg 900GB 10k 2.5in HDD Support
HPE H1K94A5_TBW 1426.00 HPE XP7 Tuning Mgr SW 251-500TB LTU Supp
HPE JH803A 157395.00 Arista 7280R 48QSFP28 8QSFP+ FB DC Swch
HPE H1K92A5_XZH 11480.00 HPE XP7 Infr Anlyt Adv 1-4 (1-100N) Supp
HPE H1K93A5_SVN 447.00 HPE One View w/Ilo Support
HPE H1K92A3_YTY 718.00 HPE 3PAR 8000 480GB SFF SSD Supp
HPE H8B38A5_ZBH 55522.00 HPE Apollo 4510 Gen10 Support
HPE H9PX0A4_ZBV 14606.00 HPE Aruba MMVA5K FIPS/TAA LTU Support
HPE HT7A2A3_ZEE 3911.00 HPE NS HF20/20C Hybr 42TB HDD Bndl Supp
HPE H7J34A4_X0U 8702.00 HPE VAN SDN Ctrl HA E-LTU Support
HPE U9Z05E 2186.00 HPE 3Y PC CTR wCDMR 29xx-24 Switch SVC
HPE H7J36A3_YNF 680.00 HPE 3PAR 20000 2U SFF UpgrEnclosure Supp
HPE H7J35A4_4QR 43533.00 HPE EVA 8400 CV EVA Unlimited LTU Supp
HPE H1K90A5_XQP 436744.00 HPE Aruba ClearP OB 100K Supp
HPE H1K95A4_Y8W 22572.00 HPE 3PAR 20840 R2+SW Node Supp
HPE H1L06A3_X0K 106.00 HPE Aruba AP-344 Support
HPE HT7A5A4_Y3V 29705.00 HPE 7280R 48XGT Support
HPE H1K95A5_YZV 3228.00 HPE 3PAR 8440 Data Opt St v2 8PKDrv Supp
HPE H1L05A5_XY0 263.00 HPE 3PAR 20840 Priority Opt Drive Supp
HPE H5AW3E 95489.00 HPE 4Y PC 24x7 wCDMR AW DL360 PRO SVC
HPE H1L06A5_YZV 2301.00 HPE 3PAR 8440 Data Opt St v2 8PKDrv Supp
HPE H1K95A4_ZC4 118019.00 HPE Aruba MM-HW-10K-F1 Support
HPE H1K95A5_8AH 5653.00 HPE XP CA Sync 1TB 64-127TB LTU Support
HPE U3TX6PE 1666.00 HPE 1Y Ren FC CTR Zlmodw/AvayaSBC SVC
HPE H1L06A4_YP1 148.00 HPE 3PAR 20000 600GB 15K SFF FE HDD Supp
HPE H1K90A3_X6A 862.00 HPE SO 5500 Memory Upg Support
HPE HT6Z2A1_W5R 647.00 HPE NS CS Hybrid 1.92TB Cache Supp
HPE HT7A4A5_TGN 2927.00 HPE IMC UC Health Mgr Add 1-mntr Support
HPE H8B36A3_RC7 14854.00 HPE MSA 2040 Storage Support
HPE H1K91A5_WYK 35809.00 HP DC-OE w/ SG CFS Oracle 8 and 16 PSL
HPE H1K93A5_ZYK 507.00 HPE VMw NSX Std per Processor 5yr Supp
HPE H8B33A4_WZU 17928.00 HPE DC-OE SGClstrFileSysA05 PCL IPF Supp
HPE HT7A8A3_SVS 9017.00 HPE MSR4060 Router Support
HPE H7J33A4_9DS 396.00 HPE EVA M6412A FC Drive Enclosure Supp
HPE H7J35A4_R4D 10687.00 HPE Networks 6602 Router products Supp
HPE H8B33A3_XXH 10911.00 HPE SAP HANA BC/TDI D3710 Strg Support
HPE H8B33A5_Y23 54125.00 HPE OmniStack 8-14c 1P XL Support
HPE HT7A5A4_T2P 34924.00 HPE Moonshot 1500 Chassis Opt OS Support
HPE H1K92A5_T8M 771.00 HPE XP7 Upg 4TB 7.2k 3.5in HDD Support
HPE H8B37A5_9EA 19370.00 HPE HAOE IA w/SG CFS for RAC PCL Supp
HPE H7J37A5_W9D 43683.00 HPE OmniStack 8c 2P 12x1.92TB SSD Supp
HPE H1K93A5_XWV 4832.00 HPE 5900AF Swch for CS900 Supp
HPE HT6G5A4_ZY3 85.00 HPE Aruba AP 334 Supp
HPE H7J37A5_R2W 3347.00 HPE ProLiant DL380e w/IC Support
HPE HA112A4_YT1 11137.00 HP VSI CMS Code Mgmt Sys Supp
HPE H1K93A5_7HM 309.00 HPE XP24K Power Control I/F MF Kit Supp
HPE H1K94A4_T9L 1600.00 HPE XP7 Cont AccSt Ovr 500TB LTU Support
HPE H1L05A5_YPT 260.00 HPE 3PAR 20000 4TB SAS 7.2K LFF HDD Supp
HPE U9Y40E 4798.00 HPE 5Y PC 24x7 wCDMR 5500-24NoEISIH SVC
HPE H8B33A3_4SH 24373.00 HPE IR for 8/80 SAN Switch Support
HPE H9SQ3PE 518.00 HPE 1Y PW FC CTR NSG200 6 Port SVC
HPE H1K95A3_XQT 4968.00 HPE Aruba ClearP OB 500 Supp
HPE H1YK4E 2721.00 HPE 5Y PCA NBD wCDMR Aruba2930F24GPE SVC
HPE H7J33A5_6Y7 17323.00 HPE Superdome CB900s i2 ServerBlade Supp
HPE H1K95A4_X8W 17778.00 HPE 3PAR 20800+SW Storage Node Support
HPE HT7A5A5_T9T 851.00 HPE XP7 Auto LUN SW Ovr 500TB LTU Supp
HPE HT7A7A5_Y8V 97343.00 HPE 3PAR 20840 R2 2N+SW Base Supp
HPE H8B36A3_TEY 2068.00 HPE MSR20-1X Router products Support
HPE HT7A8A5_XM7 4421.00 HPE VSI DCE Security Server Support
HPE H1L05A5_YTX 367.00 HPE 3PAR 8000 1.8TB 10K SFF HDD Support
HPE H7J34A5_ST5 727.00 HPE StoreOnce B6200/B6500 InterLink Supp
HPE H1K93A4_XZ0 2670.00 HPE 3PAR 20000 7.68TB SFF SSD Supp

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