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MFG Model Number Actions
Seagate ZA240NM10001
Seagate STHN2000403
Seagate STEL10000400
Seagate STEA2000424
Seagate ST10000VX0008
Seagate ST500LM034
Seagate ZP1000CM3A001
Seagate STEA4000400
Seagate ST6000VX0023
Seagate ST14000NE0008
Seagate STEA2000400
Seagate STFR5000800
Seagate ST12000VN0007
Seagate STFK60000400
Seagate STFC401
Seagate ST8000DM005
Seagate STHB1000401
Seagate STFK84000400
Seagate ZA1000CM1A003
Seagate STFK48000400
Seagate STHZ1000800
Seagate STGB28000400
Seagate STEH2000100
Seagate STFY10000400
Seagate ZA960NM10001
Seagate STHH1000400
Seagate STHA6000800
Seagate STHP5000402
Seagate ZP512CM30011
Seagate STEH1000100
Seagate STHH2000402
Seagate STFC30000400
Seagate STFR2000403
Seagate STJE1000400
Seagate STHR500800
Seagate STFJ48000400
Seagate ZP1000GM30001
Seagate STJE1000402
Seagate ST3000VN007
Seagate STHG4000400
Seagate STHN1000402
Seagate STFR2000800
Seagate STEL8000100
Seagate ST8000DM004
Seagate STHN1000403
Seagate STHP4000400
Seagate STHG5000400
Seagate STGS2000401
Seagate ST6000NE000
Seagate ST8000NE0021
Seagate ZA480NM10001
Seagate ST2000LM015
Seagate STHG5000402
Seagate ST8000VE0004
Seagate STHN1000401
Seagate STEA1000400
Seagate STHJ4000800
Seagate ST4000NE001
Seagate ST6000VN0041
Seagate STHH2000400
Seagate STFY6000400
Seagate STGS500401
Seagate STHT8000800
Seagate STCM500401
Seagate ST6000NE0023
Seagate STHP5000401
Seagate STEA2000411
Seagate ST2000DX002
Seagate STEB8000100
Seagate STHN2000401
Seagate STJE500405
Seagate ST8000VN0022
Seagate STGB16000400
Seagate ST4000LM024
Seagate STEL4000100
Seagate STHK500800
Seagate ZA3840NM10001
Seagate STHZ2000800
Seagate ZP1000GM3A002
Seagate ST12000DM001
Seagate STGD1000100
Seagate ZP500GM3A001
Seagate STJE500404
Seagate ZA500CM1A002
Seagate STFS4000800
Seagate STHN2000402
Seagate STEB3000100
Seagate STJB1000800
Seagate ST5000LM000
Seagate ST3000LM024
Seagate STFJ400
Seagate ST6000VE001
Seagate STGD4000400
Seagate ST6000NE0021
Seagate STFS2000800
Seagate ST16000NE000
Seagate STJA1000400
Seagate ST2000VN004
Seagate ST1000VX005
Seagate ST3000VX009
Seagate ZP2000GM30001
Seagate STFJ120000400
Seagate STJE500407
Seagate ST10000VN0008
Seagate STHN1000404
Seagate STHP4000402
Seagate ST10000VX0004
Seagate STJA1000401
Seagate ST8000NE0004
Seagate ST4000VX007
Seagate STJE500406
Seagate STFJ168000400
Seagate ST2000DM006
Seagate ST6000VX001
Seagate ST2000NE0025
Seagate LAC301558
Seagate STJJ5000400
Seagate STEB6000403
Seagate ST16000VN001
Seagate STEM8000400
Seagate STEB10000400
Seagate ST10000DM001
Seagate ST4000DM004
Seagate STHN2000406
Seagate STJE500402
Seagate STEA4000402
Seagate ST6000DM004
Seagate ST14000VE0008
Seagate STFX1000400
Seagate ST10000DM0004
Seagate ST4000VN008
Seagate STHH1000402
Seagate STEL6000100
Seagate STHG2000400
Seagate STJD1000400
Seagate STGS250401
Seagate STGU2000400
Seagate ST1000LM048
Seagate STHB2000401
Seagate STFS5000800
Seagate ZA2000CM1A003
Seagate STFJ72000400
Seagate STHK1000800
Seagate LAC9000633
Seagate ST2000LX001
Seagate ZA1000CM1A002
Seagate STGS1000401
Seagate STHB500401
Seagate ZA500CM1A003
Seagate STEA4000407
Seagate ZP500CM3A001
Seagate STGB20000400
Seagate ST6000VN0033
Seagate ST14000VX0008
Seagate ST12000NE0008
Seagate ST12000VE0008
Seagate STHA8000800
Seagate STFC40000400
Seagate ZA250CM1A003
Seagate STGB8000400
Seagate STHJ16000800
Seagate STJD500400
Seagate ST1000VN002
Seagate ZP2000GM3A002
Seagate ZP250CM3A001
Seagate ST8000NE001
Seagate ZP500GM3A002
Seagate ST12000NE0007
Seagate ST2000DM008
Seagate ST14000VN0008
Seagate STFC20000400
Seagate STEB4000100
Seagate STHN1000405
Seagate ST2000DM009
Seagate STHN2000400
Seagate STGH2000400
Seagate STHR2000800
Seagate STFR4000800
Seagate ST10000VN0004
Seagate ST8000VN004
Seagate STFR1000800
Seagate ST12000VX0008
Seagate ZA250CM1A002
Seagate ST2000VX008
Seagate STHP5000403
Seagate STGD2000100
Seagate ST6000DM003
Seagate ST8000VX004
Seagate STCM1000400
Seagate ST3000DM007
Seagate STHP5000400
Seagate STFY8000400
Seagate STEA2000417
Seagate ST500LX025
Seagate ST8000VX0022
Seagate ST14000DM001
Seagate STGW4000800
Seagate STFK24000400
Seagate STHP4000401
Seagate ST16000VE000

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